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Q: Drying Flowers I would like to know how to dry flowers at home - if any one knows please!!!!!! thanks. Reply  (shlomit kliger) (Ref:0530)

A: Drying Flowers at Home : Hang your flowers upside down in a warm dark place where you seldom go. Let hang till dried. They come out a little darker, but you will like them when the process is done. -- Sandy Kittle Apr 3 2006

Answer#2: Take your flowers and place a rubber band around the stem. You can use a paper clip on the end with the rubber band and hand the flower stem up-side down. Make sure the petals are formed the way you want the flower to be presented. Hang in well-vented area for approximately three weeks. I used to spray after they are completely dry with clear just to preserve better. It depends on the kind of flower. -- Bob Baisley Aug 5 2007

White Out????? I have an hand washable sweater, that I got white out on my sweater, how do I get it out? -- Reply  (Tammy Baton) (Ref:0531) 

Q: Silk Smell.  Does anybody know how to get rid of that strange smell silk sweaters have Reply  (Adele Abrams) (Ref:0533)

Stain on Suede I have a suede coat that got oil from a deepfryer on it. Last time it went to the dry cleaner the black came back blue. Does anybody have any ideas. Thanks Deb Taylor -- cannoncoqzexeculinReply (Mark Cannon) (Ref:0534)

Q: Sticky residue from new jeans' label I got new jeans and the long label with the size on the side of the leg left a sticky residue. How can I get it off? Thank you. Evelyn Hastings Reply  (Ref:0535)

Sticky Residue from Sticker on Sweater  
I had a name sticker during a meeting on my cotton sweater and my 7-month-old baby was drooling on it. I tried to get it off while it was still wet, big mistake! Now I have sticky whitish residue on it. How can I get it off? Thank you. Evelyn Hastings Reply (Ref:0536) 

Removal of Tippex on skin and trousers Help -- Olive Daly Reply (Ref:0537)

Q: Water Rings on wood furniture. What to do ?? Toss the furniture ?? No, because I know someone out there in cyberspace has the answer. The furniture is a light to medium blond oak. Let's hear the hints, please. -- Thx H2RICK Reply

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