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Q: Wood cleaning problem, please help!!! I have a 3 year old that keeps peeing on his wooden floors, when he gets upset or just doesn't want to use the toilet the smell is driving me crazy. I have tried vinegar and water mixed. I have tried pine-sol. is there anything that I could use to help make my house and his room smell better. -- s and s evans Reply  (Ref:0550)

Q: preserving leaves. I am getting married soon and we have decided to use leaves as a main part of the wedding theme. My bridesmaids have gotten into the spirit and are already collecting leaves. How do I preserve them for a year? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you, Heather - Reply Ref:0552

Q: Stain removal. Hi--I was wondering if anyone might have an idea of how to get a Sharpie permanent marker off of my cherry finished coffee table--I have a 16 month old artist.... thanks for any help you could offer!  -- Reply  (Ref:0553)

Q: E-Mail password. It is necessary for me to see my daughter's e-mail. We use MSN but with separate e-mail access. I know her password is on my hard drive. How do I find it? -- T W Reply  (Ref:0555)

Q: Glass scratches How do I remove a scratch from a bathroom mirror ?  Lynell & Kevin -- Reply (Ref:0556)

Q: Unfreezing oils. Hi, I recently bought a sugar scrub that contained "essential oils". I do not know what kind of oils it contains. The jar was in my car, and the weather was cold. All the oils solidified (they did not freeze--it wasn't that cold!). I tried heating the product, but it hardens up again. I tried microwaving it to get the temperature even hotter, but by morning it was still the consistency of hardened butter. any suggestions as to how to keep this stuff liquid? How about liquid glycerine? Thanks! - Reply  (NRohm)  (Ref:0557)

Q: Static cling. I have a coat that is Suede on the outside and 100% arcylic on the inside. It is full of static cling. I tried spray but that just made it worse. Is there something I can do  1) reduce the static cling? 2) reduce the fluffy lining? Darlene Schauer Reply  (Ref:0558)

Q: Wax from glass table candle melted all over smoked glass table. How to remove all without scratching surface. Thanks -- Donna Kiser Reply (Ref:0558)-- Advertising doesn't need to be a pain in your neck or your wallet. 

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