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A: Ink stains For removing ink stains on shirt or jeans pockets just soak in milk over night and wash as normal the next day! Lana Kelly  Christina Kelly   (Ref:0561)

A: Removing Ink Stains. To remove ink stains from clothing, simply spray the dry fabric with hair spray. Then treat with your regular pre-treating spray, or blot with a damp cloth, and voila! It's gone. I've even done this at work, after getting an ink stain on white pants, while wearing them!!!! It came off, too! As always, test a small spot, first! Ms. Jonnie T Williams -- Jonnie 15 Sep 2002

Q: Mildew smell: How do you get the SMELL of mildew out of clothes?? I got the stains out but the smell remains! Thanks -- Honey Marlow,  Honey Marlow Reply  (Ref:0563)

A: Mildew Smell. I read your question online while looking for something else. But I know for sure this works!!! I use it on a lot of things.. White Vinegar .I dont measure I just pour some in. I let mine sit in the washer for awhile(Hrs) over night if I have to and the wash, It works on anything that stinks.. Thanks & I hope this works for you.. Nita -- Nita Johns 11/08/08

Q:  Frozen Sidewalks I read somewhere that you can use Dawn Dishwashing detergent to keep your sidewalks from freezing but I can't remember the exact recipe for it. Can anyone help me out on this

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