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Q: Mice smell  How do you remove the smell of Urine from mice that have been nesting in a stored car? How do you prevent them from nesting in the car again? Thank you. --  Tom & Bonnie Bumstead Reply     (Ref:0570)

Brass cleaning/restoring . Is there a practical way to clean and restore a brass kickplate on the bottom of a door. Unfortunately we tried to clean it with lemon juice and salt suggested by another source and all that did was make it dull and looking scratched. It previously had the appearance of a polished brass. Is there hope or should we just get a new kickplate? -- Al Parker Reply    May God bless you Al & Marcia Parker  (Ref:0571)

Stain removal I have three young children who love Hawaiian punch and are always spilling it on the living room carpet. I have dark green carpet so this shows up quite well. Can't seem to remove the stains. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sincerly, -- Leah Chamberlin Reply    (Ref:0575)

Q: Clouds  Sirs: My daughter wants clouds on her blue bedroom walls. Can these be purchased and pasted on walls? Thank You. -- Mike Healey Mike Healey healeymqzmsnReply  mik  (Ref:0576)

Q: Cleaning brass I need to remove paint from brass hinges is there a liquid solution I can soak them in to make this easy -- Luke T. Byrne Reply (Ref:0577)

Dying Blinds I want to change the color scheme in my kitchen. Can I dye my Venetian Blinds? -- Reply (mark walker) 

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