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Removing bath tub appliqués  Any suggestions on how to remove the appliqués that are applied with stick on adhesive to the bottom of the bath tub (intended purpose of preventing slips) without scratching the finish? Thanks for any and all suggestions. -- Reply  (Barb) (Ref:0580)

Q: Ball point pen removal from Baby Born Doll face and arms  How do I get the pen marks off the baby born doll my child scribbled all over Please?  Please do not show my e-mail address Thank you -- Reply  (Kayla Sheridan) (Ref:0581)

Q: Help needed to clean inside crystal decanter  I have a nice crystal decanted/perfume bottle that is milky inside. It has a very narrow neck. I have tried everything to clean it- vinegar, Steradent, bleach, metho, windex, rinse aid - all to no avail. Any suggestions? -- Susan Segal Reply  (Ref:0582)

If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family. -- Ruby Manikan 

A: Cleaning Crystal Decanter.  Have you tried denture cleaner? Fill decanter with water and drop in a tablet or two. Should be "crystal" clear afterward! -- Laynette  Reply  04/11/2005 

Q: Onion Smell  I did a lot of cooking this weekend (all the dishes had onions that had to be fried). Now the whole house stinks of onions. I've washed jackets, rugs, etc. but it still stinks! any suggestions? -- Karla Schuster Reply (Ref:0583)

Scratched gold plated faucets. hi there, while cleaning and scrubbing my bathroom I scrubbed the gold plated  bathroom faucets and it leaves them scratched and reduced the shine, what can  i do, thank you.  Reply  (Ref:0584)

Cats in my garden   How can I stop a neighbourhood cat using my garden as a toilet? I've tried several things, but squirting with water from the hose is only successful sometimes. I need to catch the culprit in the act - and that's not easy! The animal keeps digging up seeds and seedlings. I've tried pepper, garlic (which he seems to rather enjoy) and the water treatment, but to no avail. The cat just moves to another area of the large garden. Any ideas? -- Kirsty Brown Taupo, New Zealand  Reply  (Ref:0585)

Grease stain. I am sorry to bother you but i am desperate . I have gotten some hamburger grease on a cotton shirt of mine . Can you please advise me how I can remove it!!! Thanks for your time  Lee Have a great day........!!! Reply  (crash3)  (Ref:0589)

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