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Non Slip Shower & Tub Decals. Items were installed by a previous owner on the standing area of my plastic stall shower and plastic bathtub. I have had no luck in pulling them off. I could not find a resolution on your website. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Milton Samuel Reply (Ref:0590)

Damp Smell in my House I have a terrible smell of damp in the ground floor of my old Victorian house - the house has been damp-proofed and has no actual damp. What can I do to eliminate the smell which just lingers in the air all over? Please help. -- Reply (Ref:0592)

Bath enamelling. I am interested in attempting to re-enamel an old bath in a house I am about to move into. I know this can be done, but so far have had no luck attempting to find out what products I need to buy. Please could you advise on where I might be able to obtain the products (which include a high strength cleaning fluid and a new coating). I would also like some tips on how to go about doing this myself rather than having to hire someone to come in and do it. Thanks in advance Tamsin Ashley Reply  (Ref:0593)

Sticker glue off of Jeans I recently purchased a pair of jeans for my daughter at a store closing sale, unfortunately when we removed the sticker on the leg it left the sticker glue all over the leg of the pants. The jeans cannot be returned due to the store closing.....is there anyone one with an idea of how to remove this glue?? Thanks, Dawn greer128qzejourn Q: Noisy showerhead Hello, I have a showerhead that mixes oxygen with water. It is quite enjoyable but it is noisy. Is this a standard problem of this type of showerhead or does someone know of a model that they find not too noisy. Thx André Reply  (Ref:0594)

Static in hair Every morning my kids get out of bed and their hair is sticking up everywhere......static in their hair. How can I prevent it or make it go away? Thanks! Reply  (Ref:0595)

SWIMMING GOGGLES I cannot seem to find any swimming goggles that will not leak in water. Is this something that swimmers have to endure or is there a solution? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks Rob Chambers Reply  (Ref:0596)

Altering bed sheets. I recently purchased a twin-size bed but all my sheets are full-sized and in good condition. I hate to spend money I don't have to - is there a way to alter my full sheets to fit a twin bed? -- Susann Buzoff Reply  (Ref:0599)

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