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How to alter bed sheets I recently traded in a full size bed for the smaller sized twin. I have a lot of full size sheet sets that are in good condition and hate to spend money on new sheets for the twin bed. Does any one know of an easy way to alter/down-size full sheets to fit a twin bed? Many thanks. Reply (Ref:0600)

Water Pressure My kitchen faucet (hot and cold) has good water pressure when I turn it on. After it runs for a short time the water pressure drops to an almost trickle. How do I repair this? You can e-mail me at janellearqzearthlink.net. Thanks Reply  (Ref:0602)

Removing clothing dye from hands I recently used fabric dye to colour some clothes and got it all over my hands (now they are purple) how can I quickly remove the dye from my hands? Reply  (Ref:0603)

Burnt on fudge My husband bought a brand new aluminunware mixing bowl ($30 to $50 range). He used it as a double boiler to make some fudge for the holidays and burnt the bottom of the bowl. I have tried salt, skoof, fume free, s.o.s., baking soda, salt and I think that is it. But there is still an amount on the bottom that I cannot get off and I think it would somehow affect the taste of things made in it. Someone suggested vinegar but then I read that it is not a good solution. Does anyone have a solution? Thank You, Patty Reply  (Ref:0604)

Freezing Whipping Cream Can Whipping Cream not yet whipped, be frozen? Thank you very much. -- Linda Orling Reply  (Ref:0605)

Cat Litter Mess I keep my cat's litter box in one of the corners of the bathroom, the one near the door. Everytime she uses the litter box, the litter gets all over the place and as people walk in and out of the bathroom, the litter gets spread through out our small apartment. Is there a way to keep the litter in the box and not all over my apartment? -- ladyk Reply  (Ref:0606)

Cleaning an 80-year old pair of baby shoes The shoes are in pretty good shape although crushed and wrinkled. I have filled them with lightweight paper from cleaner's plastic clothes covers to help the crushed appearance. I would like to use some polish or cream as the leather is very dry but don't know if saddle soap or some other is best. would appreciate some suggestions. Email to fsinow.day . Thanks for any help. (Ref:0607)


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