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Q: How to keep cats out of flower beds??  How can a person keep cats out of flower beds, they use it for a litter box????? "Kim Meadows" Reply  (Ref:0621)

A: Cats off vehiclesI heard that putting a rubber snake on a car will stop them. -- Nicole Bellini...Nov 9 2007

Q: Sharpie stain/wood "  I need to know how to remove sharpie pen marks from a blonde wood table at work or my boss is gonna kill me. Answer needed ASAP! L Sethe" Reply  (Ref:0622)

Q: Car problem.  Hello, I have a Fiat Tipo 1.4e 1993. The starter motor blown up, I have replaced it but now the car will no restart. The engine run for about 5 min when you press the accelerator then it stops dead. It is that the could it be that the fuel injection system needs resetting? I have been told that there is some fuel getting to the engine. Thanks for your help Best regards, Helena Bouilly Borges +44.1753.618.582 HITACHI DATA SYSTEMS Sefton Park, Stoke Poges SL24HD Helena Bouilly Borges Reply  (Ref:0623)

Q: How do I clean nicotine out of carpet and drapes and wallpaper HidngawReply Question Moth babies in food  Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 8:49:58 AM     hi i was just wondering if anyone out there could help me with a problem i just cant seem to be able to fix. i live in australia ,in perth and my food cupboard has a problem with moths baby ones unfortunately i did not know this until i ate their young in the cereal i was eating i was just wondering if anyone could email me and tell me any advice about eradicating them without using camphor caus i used that and it sent my food bad please help i cant afford to be replacing food all the time. the cereal was in tupperware so i use containers. -- --  "Peta Turner" Turn  (Ref:0624)

Q: Waxed Pine  The previous owner of my house stripped the paint off all the doors and waxed the resulting bare pine. I want to paint the doors again, but that entails removing every last trace of wax prior to priming, undercoating, etc. Any ideas on a preparation that can help? --  "Godfrey Pickles" Reply  (Ref:0626)

Q: Paint on leather bag  How do I remove paint stains from a leather bag without damaging the leather? --  "Kathleen Creavalle" Reply  (Ref:0627)

Q: Need A Solution soon...:) I really need a solution to a problem I have and I am hoping you can help me... I bought my husband a pair of jeans for Christmas....He loves this kind and they are very expansive....The problem is that he loves his jeans very light color (faded), and they only had dark shades...So, I bought them anyway and decided I would fade them with " La Parisienne Javel Water Bleach ".... I put about 5 cups of Javel water in a full tank of running water in my washing machine and mixed it together very well....I then added the jeans plus two pairs of mine that were older.......I let them soak for about 10 minutes and then I let them go through the wash cycle of my machine.....Then I put the three pairs again thought a normal wash cycle with soak and fabric softener....Then I put them in the dryer.....When I removed the dry jeans from the dryer...My two pairs were very nice....But his came out spotted....His are light now but have darker blue spots on them....

Please help...I really need to try to save them so I can give this to him for Christmas... Is there anything I could do to remove those spots? 

Thank you very much Julie from Canada Julie Reply (Ref:0629)

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