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Q: Cabbage moth. Hi there, I live in Melbourne, Australia and nearly every plant in my garden has been ruined this year by the cabbage moth larvae. They will eat almost anything. I have tried natural methods, insecticides, all to no avail. I see the white moth fluttering around, and am considering buying a butterfly net to catch the little devils which seems to be the only thing left to do. Any tips?  -- Sumanaju Reply

Hyundai Sonata. I have a 1991 Hyundai Sonata. It used to have an alarm system but when I got it used all that was left was a blinking light. When I go to start my  car sometimes it just clicks and sometimes I have to click it many times  before it will start. I know the battery, starter and just about everything connected to it works great. I've been told that because of this alarm system the mother board is telling it something so it

won't start.  Could this be true or what do you know about these cars. Also there is a  little fuse box connected to the battery positive terminal. There are 2 fuses  and something that looks like a jumper. Even the dealership doesn't seem to know much about these cars. What and where can I find this jumper or whatever it is? Also my battery went dead one time and now my radio  won't come on.. I don't have the code because I bought it used. Is the only  way I can get it working is pull the radio and get some number off of it and send that to the factory to get the code? It also started getting the check engine light on coming on recently. The fluids are all okay, it doesn't  boil over and the temperature stays the same. When I turn the heater on it  gets real, real hot and then the light will go off. I've been told this is  normal but it never used to do this. I think something is heating the engine up  but I can't figure out what. Please. please help me if you can.  -- Carol Pickett Reply  (Ref:0643d)  

Q:Gum rubber sole I have some mukluks with gum rubber soles. They are so sticky I could walk up the wall with them on. Any idea how to fix this. -- Reply  (Joanne Palaniuk) (Ref:0645)

Q: Am looking for a window cleaner that is using Prell shampoo can you help -- P Edgerton Reply   (Ref:0649)

Q: Burnt on grease  I have a thick layer of burnt on grease on my black gas stove top. I have tried Brillo, scrubbing. Any suggestions? Don't want to harm the surface. Bonnie Reply (Ref:0655)

A: How to Remove Burnt Grease from Stove . Mr. Clean "Magic Eraser" works the best on that kind of stuff.......You will be amazed -- Sandy Kittle Apr 3 2006

Q: Lawnmower repair  HELP!! I think I added too much oil to my mower, and now it won't run. Sometimes it will start, but then quits immediately. I'm a single mom with no extra money, so I really need to fix this myself. The weeds are growing rapidly, and I'm afraid the neighbors are going to start complaining ... Reply (Ref:0659)

Q: Clothes hanger creases  How can I hang my husband's pants so that the hanger does not make an unsightly crease that has to be pressed out before he can wear them? I switched to plastic hangers, instead of the cardboard ones from the dry cleaners, but that didn't work. We do not have the space available to hand them by the cuff? HELP  -- Sinecera19 Reply  (Ref:0660)

Q: Baby face song  I am looking for the song called "Baby Face" It is an old song, The words in it are "You got the cutiest little baby face(with the word "baby" dragged out) I am looking for the version that was sung by a female, I think. Does anyone know who sang it and how I can get a copy of it? -- Sally in Seattle Reply (Ref:0661)

Q: Bleached White Shoes  I have a pair of white shoes and i tried to bleach the soles to get them back white but instead they turned an ugly pinkish orangey color. Is there any way to reverse what i did? -- a wilson Reply (Ref:0662)

Answer Shoe :You can spray the white shoes with Scotchguard. I had a J.C. Penney's clerk tell me this. Gotta go...Judy , Wishing you days of sunshine and hope... 14/05/09

Q: Scorching My son scorched a shirt today. Is there anything that will remove the stain? Please cotact -- Bill & Barbi Winderlin Reply 


Q: Cleaning silicone Sealant:  Does anyone know how to clean residues of silicone sealant. The thicker stuff comes off with a razor blade, but the film left behind defies all solvents. Conrad F.  jacolengqzloxinfo.co.th   (Ref:0667)

Toothpaste stain  ;   (Suzanne Dixon) Does anyone know how I can get toothpaste stains out of clothing? I have a  big mark down the front of my new black blouse, and would really like to  wear it again without the stain! Any remedies or products available in the  UK much appreciated. Thanks, Suzy Reply  (Ref:0668)

Frogs I have a problem with frogs in my garden and it appears that each time I notice one has been around my flowers seem to wilt and will not survive.  How do I keep them out of my garden? Reply  (Linda Selvakumar) (Ref:0669)

Q: Clear Resin  Could you give me the formula for clear resin. I want to make fake flowers in vases containing clear resin for my mother and grandmother for mother's day. I find that the prepacked resin is much to expensive. Help. My email address is Reply  Gloria Johnson bphilupqzearthlink.net  (Ref:0670)

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