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Q: Waxing steps I saw a house with shiny Brick steps I was told that they had been waxed is this good? if so what kind of wax can I use? -- Hold (Ref:0698)

Q: Invoicing procedure hi, could someone help me get information about the invoicing procedure adopted by DOW, DuPont, Bayer. i need information about their order processing time, shipment details, document preparation time, services offered to customers, market research done, HR Policies etc. i need this urgently... please help!! thanks. ---"shilpa kothary" Reply (Ref:0699)

Q: Sweater. I have a sweater that I adore except for it's colors. It is multi-colored and I want it to be a solid light tan or a slightly darker brown. Should I bleach it first and then dye it with Rit? I don't know if it will turn out evenly. It's 100% cotton and I don't want to ruin it. Thank you for you time! -- Reply (Ref:0702)

Q: Scuff marks on vinyl deck How can I remove black scuff marks off my white vinyl deck? They are all over the deck and imbedded in the grooves in the vinyl material. I have tried mineral spirits, tar remover, rubbing alcohol, comet, shoe scuff remover, paint thinner. The only thing that kind of works is nail polish remover, but I'm afraid this will harm the deck finish. Any ideas? Thanks. -- "Michele McGuire" Reply (Ref:0705)

Q: Crushed carpet pile Hi. I have moved the furniture around and now I need some help in how to remove the bumps left in the the carpet pile. The weight of settee etc has crushed the carpet pile. It is a wool carpet. Please help.-- Reply (Ref:0708)

Q: Pen exploded in dryer Forget about the clothes...now the dryer has ballpoint pen ink in it. How do we get that out? -- "Ivy and Sid Frank" Reply  (Ref:0260)

Q: Drilling Porcelain Tiles I need to drill holes into Porcelain bathroom tiles and I have been told I need a special drill bit as they are exceptionally hard. Can you advise on the best makes to use and where I might purchase them? Many thanks Scott.Jam (Ref:0263)

A: Drilling Porcelain Tiles. If you still need the solution to your question then you need http://www.365drills.com  Sales at 365drills Reply (Remove ) Apr 18 2006  

Q: Squeaky Shoes Just bought a new pair of shoes and got caught in the rain. Now one shoe squeaks. Is there a remedy? Thanks -- Reply (Ref:0264)

Q: Dying polyester Q: My wedding dress is made mostly of polyester and I'd like to dye it to wear as a bridesmaid's dress in my mother's wedding. Does anyone know of a safe way to dye polyester? Many professionals have told me it's not possible, but I'm not giving up yet! Alison in Ontario -- Reply "Alison Gilmour" Reply (Ref:0265)

Q: Low water pressure Hello, Yesterday we replaced our bath taps, and also the sink ones using a conversion kit, in the bathroom upstairs. We drained the water tank (stored cold in the roof and stored hot upstairs fed from the stored cold tank) by tying up the ball cock, we did the work and then released the ball cock and filled up the tank again. Since this the cold water has barely no pressure. At first for about 2 seconds it's not too bad, but then within 30 seconds it trickles out to nothing - this is the same for sink toilet and bath. It doesn't splutter like there is trapped air in the system ? Perhaps something in the tank got into the cold water supply pipe and is causing a blockage ?? If so how can we rectify this, or what else might be the cause and solution ? Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks Christine -- "Christine Orme" Reply (Ref:0267)

Q: White Glue I was wondering if anyone knows how to get white glue out of carpet. I am renting an apt. and had a bit of an accident with Elmer's White Glue. Thanks -- Vanessa Zimmerman Reply (Ref:0268)

Q: Fabric Shine How do I remove shine marks from pressing on crepe fabric? I seem to remember something to do with vinegar. Thanks! -- Janet L Abbott Reply (Ref:0269)

Q: Long Term Storage Hello, I am going to be storing clothing, a futon mattress, books, and stereo equip./speakers for a year in a basement. How can I store any of these items so that I don't have to worry about mildew and condensation? thanks -- Ashley Anne Olinger Reply (Ref:0270)

Q: Removing nail polish from clothing How can I remove nail polish from my clothing? Please help! -- Reply.. (Ref:0281)

Q: Clover problems Hi From Victoria BC Canada, I have a problem with clover starting in my lawn. Is there a way to get rid of it before it spreads to far... thanks angus -- Reply (Ref:0282)

Q: Nail Varnish on Leather Hi there I have dropped nail varnish onto my black leather sofa, how can I remove it without damaging the leather. Many Thanks -- Susan M Smith Reply Vice President Senior Business Continuity Analyst Global IT Security 020 7475 5414 07808 177292 Pager: KB609 http://home.gb.dresdnerkb/itsecurity/ == (Ref:0284)

Q: Carpet I would like to know how to dye my carpeting. thank you Evelyn Fleischer -- Reply (Ref:0285)

Q: Glass vase stuck to leather topped table I have a glass vase which was placed directly on the leather top of an end table. Trying to lift the vase and it sounds like it is tearing the leather. Any ideas??? Is there a way to remove polyurethane dripped on cotton (slacks)? -- (Ref:0287)

Q: PicturesCould you please tell me how to get a picture off of the glass? I have a picture in a frame, but the picture is stuck to the glass? Any answers? Thanks, -- Becky Carmack Reply (Ref:0155)

Q: Help with Zax! I'm on the eight level and having trouble getting past freeing all the slaves. need 3 more. Trujillo Francisco Reply (Ref:0156)

Q: Burn hole Do you have any ideas how to patch up a burn hole in a car on the seat? Thanks -- Reply (Ref:0157)

Q: Cameras and airport scanners Is it really bad to put a camera through the security scanners at airports? Or is it only bad for the film? -- Reply  (Ref:0158) 

Q: Roof Rust Hi Can you help me, I want to paint a roof that has some areas of rust, have you got a recipe for a rust converter or similar product I can make at home Thank Den -- Reply (Ref:0249)

Q: PAINT REMOVAL My Granddaughter has been using 'Spray Paint' in the shed while wearing her brand new jumper - What is the best way to get it out? My Daughter is reluctant to use Turpentine as she says you can never get rid of the smell Please help - before she kills my Granddaughter -- LYNETTE DRAGE Reply (Ref:0251)

Q: Weeds I heard that you can get rid of weeds by putting rock salt on them. How close to plants can you safely do this? -- Reply (Ref:0252)

Q: Ceiling fan install we are putting a fan into an older apt. the wires in the ceiling are all black I need to know how to tell which to connect ,blue&white to ? black to? green to? thanks BJS --- James Paige --- Reply  (Ref:0255)

Q:Water pressure Suddenly the water pressure from my kitchen faucet has turned to a trickle (both hot and cold water). But all the other faucets indoors and outside are fine. What could cause this sudden drop in the kitchen? Thanks, Dean Wakefield --  Reply  (Ref:0256)

A: water pressure  Hi  Take the end of the spout off there is a screen in there is it more then likely full of something. clean that out and should be good as new. Alan & Dawn Cullifer  ---  Reply   

  "To the world you might be one person,  but to one person you might be the world!!"

Q: Modem noise How do you get rid of the dialling up noise when it is connecting -- "Wendy Rimmer" Reply (Ref:0258)

Q: Any suggestions? I have a dining room table that has had too much wax sprayed on it. How can I remove the wax without damaging the finish on the table? Your comments would be appreciated. -- Helen Miller Reply (Ref:0259)

Q: Pressing shine on Black material. HELP - my son's wedding is tonight and I pressed a black polyester jacket and foolishly did not use a pressing cloth. Result - white shine marks, especially at thick seam areas Can you help me, is there anything I can use to make it look better, i.e. vinegar or some other method that you know of. The wedding is tonight, and I need your help ASAP, thanking you in advance! -- Jan Nafzger, Reply (Ref:0288)

Q: Water marks how can I remove water marks on my sons clothes and bed sheets? I don't know why this is happening. I would appreciate any advice -- Reply (Ref:0289)

Q: Compression Valve I need to install a compression valve on 3/8" copper piping. I am uncertain, do I need to flare the piping? -- Steve Shoultz Reply (Ref:0290)

Q: Car Grease I need your help please ! Hi I have car grease on my favourite blouse and I'm desperate to get it out ! Can you please help me ? Please Reply to Reply  Thanks Vanessa Green (Ref:0291)

Q: Birds I'm having a problem with sparrows trying to get into my house by clinging to the windows and screens. What would cause them to do this, or is it a sign of something. Spencer -- Spencer Hamm Reply (Ref:0292)

Q: Sticky furniture How do I get that sticky feeling off of my bar stools? It is on top of the backs of the stools. I've tried almost everything I can think of. Thank you in advance Judy J. -- Steve Jacobs Reply (Ref:0293)

Q: Roses Hi, I have red roses but they are turning brown at the top as if they are burning. Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong? Thank you Ruth -- Reply(Ref:0307)

Q: I don't want spam Hi peoples, can anyone tell me about finding that site in Perth, and to go about blocking spam I get in my inbox. Just get fed up with "junk" mail that I don't want. Or would it be possible for Apana to install some sort of spam blocking system on the server Cheers. -- Ann Sedunary Reply

Q: Gum in dryer I saw the query but am not sure about where to find the answer if one was given! The question was reference number 0549 about how to remove gum from an electric clothes dryer. Any help would be appreciated! --  Reply  (Ref:0309)

Soap scum Please help i have about 3 inches of soap scum on my bathtub and shower doors. I have tried everything on the shelf and nothing seems to even loosen it. If you could please help me i would be grateful. Thank you Susan -- "The Townsend's" mssh   (Ref:0310)

DOGS Hi We have a dog that stays outside during the day. She's started "pooping" on our concrete deck instead of going in the bushes or on the lawn. Do you have a "home" blend or concoction that we can put on the deck to keep our little dear from using the deck as her bathroom? Anna Prest Memphis -- Rob Prest Reply (Ref:0311)

Gas We have a gas stain on our driveway and would like to know how to get it removed. Our son filled his tank too full and it leaked out on the driveway also some oil stains? Thank you. Cathy Madott -- Reply   (Ref:0312)

Q: Doll restoration.  Please help. I need to clean, and restore the dolls hair of my two daughters. Do you know any cleaner or shampoo? Thanks for your help. -- Tilio Cruz, Reply   (Ref:0313) 

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