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Q: Dogs muck Neighbourhood dogs do their business in a part of our yard. What can I use to discourage this? What smells do dogs really hate? Thanks JP -- Reply  (Ref:0639)

Q: Soap bar Years ago there was a published process in which you could take leftover pieces of bar soap [the kind before liquid] and create one bar from all the little pieces. I don't remember it, does anyone know how to do it? -- "sandy smart" Reply   (Ref:0638)


A: Stripping Color from Curtains. Try using 1 part amonia & 1 part water. It did wonders on mine!!! -- Sandy Kittle. Apr 3 2006

Q: Cigarette smoke Rented our old farm house last winter to two smokers, they have left but the smoke hasn't. Washed drapes, curtains, floors, walls and sprayed freshener but smell still lingers. How can I clear the air. Thanks Harvey -- "harvey inman" Reply   (Ref:0223)

Q: Mould on tomato plants What can I use to stop mould on tomato plants in my garden, I use straw around them but some years the mould completely destroys the plant. any suggestions or product recommendations would be appreciated TX -- jean.wilcox Reply   (Ref:0224)

Q: Bubbly clothes I have 2 gorgeous zip-up tops, both of which I love but are starting to go all 'bubbly'. How can I stop this? They have a sort-of knitted feel but are actually made of acrylic and nylon. Please tell me if anybody knows a cure for this -- Tessa Roberts Reply   (Ref:0225)

Q: Scratched Glass My friend has a nice glass table in her living room and it has some scratches in it. She is devastated. How can she get the scratches out? N. Alexander -- "Nate Alexander" Reply   (Ref:0226)

Q: New Shower Head I just replaced my old shower head. All of a sudden the button you press to go from shower to bathtub flow became impossible to push in. In fact it started working in reverse, that is, you had to turn off the water before the button could be pressed in. Now , because "someone" tried too hard to press the button in, the water flow through the showerhead is down to virtually nil. Is there a connection which now may be broken? Look forward to your Reply. Thanks. -- Paul Rose "Paul Rose" proseqznfld.net Q: old stickers Mon, 10 Jun 2002 I have bunk beds that have stickers on them. They have been on there for years, I've tried everything I can think of to get them off. Any ideas what might help-Wayne Blaak Reply   11 Jun 2002 (Ref:0227)

A: regarding stickers 

There are several good products that are available at places like Walmart:-

1- Goo Off this is especially made for getting off stickers and such

2 Opps this will get permanent marker, stickers, paint etc off of surfaces, fabric etc.

Both are usually located in the cleaner aisle and in the paint section. -- Reply 28/04/2005

Q: Furniture marks on carpet Can marks in carpet left by furniture legs be removed? If so, please tell me how. thank you, -- stanjan Reply   (Ref:0228)

Q: Strawberries ??? How do I keep slugs and anys away from the strawberries? -- Reply   (Ref:0229)

Q: Scratched glass My son was cleaning paint spots off of the windows with a razor blade--accidentally scratched one in several places. Any way to "polish" the window to lessen the scratch? -- Betty Persson Reply   (Ref:0230)

Q: Lawn Furniture I have several vinyl recliners (the kind that you see around motel swimming pools) that are stained. What's the simplest way to remove them? I've tried a mild solution of baking soda and water with some results. Will a mild bleach solution work? -- "Jim Lawson" Reply   (Ref:0231)

A: Cleaning Garden Furniture Use Jomax. It mixes with bleach and water. Find it at most hardware stores. -- Bobby Reply 14th Aug 2005

Q: Suede Is there anything that will clean suede. I spilled Downey on suede shoes and now they looked stained. Any suggestions? -- Reply   (Ref:0232)

Q: Ink Removal A ballpoint ink mark is on the dash of my brand new car. Any suggestions to remove it? -- Reply   (Ref:0233)

A: There is an aerosol called Permanent Mark remover. - Bobby Reply 14/08/2005

Q: Hole in Hot Water Heater I have a hole in the bottom of my hot water heater and water is running out on the floor into the drain and other areas. How can I apply a temporary fix. -- Reply   (Ref:0234)

Q: Chipmunks I have a problem with chipmunks in my flower beds. Is there a humane way of ridding them from the garden? I don't have enough traps to catch them all -- Doolins Reply (Ref:0235)

Q: Birds and Marigolds I have a problem with birds picking off the flower heads of my marigolds....help what can I do? These birds are called Grackles (?)..sorry about the spelling. They are black birds with a long tail and dark purple blue heads. I have no blooms left on any of my marigolds. I planted these so the rabbits would not eat all my flowers now I have these birds. They do not eat the bloom they just pick them off. How do stop them? Do you know why they are doing this? Thanks Karen Swoffer Compuware/DMC Account -- Reply   (Ref:0236)

Q: Link Suggestion Hello, I'd like to suggest a link for your "General Links and Tips" category. http://Reply "Your Address Book That Builds Itself" Thank you, David -- David Nguyen Reply  

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