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Q: Transferring Speech files. How can I to save speech files from a speech recognition programme and transfer it to another computer?  The software in question is Dragon Naturally Speaking Essentials version 4.01.  Also can I obtain an update to a later version without buying a new packaged product. -- Richard Edwardes  Reply (Ref:0045)

Q: I need Help with my Ground Covering... I recently put in some flowers, bushes and a jap.maple tree in my mulch beds and I also have some ground covering...Now my problem is that my ground covering has taken over ...I pulled it all out and all the roots are still there...Now I was wondering if there is any type of stuff i can put down to stop it from growing without harming my plants?? Thanks for your help I really appreciate...-- Kevin Reply (Ref:0238)

Q: Ants on Hummingbird Feeder Does anyone have a simple solution to large black ants invading my hummingbird feeder. Have read many times what you can smear on the hanging pole to prevent this, but have completely forgotten it. Thought someone else might have the same problem. Don't really want to use a baffle. -- rosann amann Reply (Ref:0241)

Q: Lawn and tree care Hi: we have a very big problem with dandelion and weeds on our lawn. They are everywhere. How can we get rid of them? Also, our maple trees have not turned green yet. The leaves are reddish color. What is the problem and what do we need to do with them to get them healthy again. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Renee -- Reply (Ref:0728)

Q: Melted carpet When attempting to remove wax from our carpet by ironing over greaseproof paper we somehow managed to melt our carpet! We are in rented accommodation and we need a way to minimise the damage. Can anyone help?! -- "Dunne, Nick" Reply (Ref:0303)

Response#1 Melted Carpet: Hi , Ive done exactly the same as you, I think. Im left with a very hard dark patch on the carpet. Did you get any tips, and did it work???? -- Sue 20 March 2007 Reply

Reply#1 Melted Carpet: Blimey this was a long time ago! No we essentially melted the carpet and there was no way back from there. If you've done the same then you'll either have to ignore it or the carpet will have to be replaced. We were renting at the time and had to claim back on insurance once we knew the landlord wanted to replace the carpet. -- Nick 'Dunne Mar 20 2007

Reply#2: Repairing Carpet. Your question wasn't dated, so hope this reaches you in time.

For any damage to carpet, go to a clothes closet, or an inconspicuous place and cut a patch to fit the damaged spot. Cut it slightly larger so you can trim and fit it in. The fibers should blend in fine once you glue it down. There is a right way and wrong to laying carpet, so be sure and turn the patch so the fibers lean in the same direction. Don't know how to explain this exactly, but think you will get the idea.

I've used this method before on burned spots and it worked fine. Use a good glue. Good luck. -- 'Sade' . Nov 8

Q: Go Kart marks We have got a go kart, and we have got many rubber marks on the red bumpers from when we have hit the tyres! What can we use to get these ugly black marks off the plastic? -- Glyn Roberts Reply (Ref:0304)

Q: Help Help. How can I get creosote out of clothes. My daughter sat on a log treated in creosote and now has black stains all over them. Thanks. -- Kelly Hill Reply (Ref:0306)

Answer #1: Creasote . Use nail polish remover I just got a huge stain today and it came out only with nail polish remover good luck -- J. Aug 28 2007

Answer#2: Creosote out of Clothes. I was looking up information because my Husband made a mess of a pair of pants with creosote. I ended up using "Greased Lightening" sprayed it on and let it sit a while, the black marks literally disappeared, I was thrilled and thought in case you never found a solution or need one next time , I'd let you know!. Aimy Steyn 24/01/08

Q: Paint removal from furniture I have several pieces of furniture that are beautiful, yet they are painted. I would like to remove the paint as quickly and easily as I can. ( I even had the thought of assigning this to my 14 year old son .) -- Jorge Arciniegas Reply  (Ref:0314)

Q: Grease stain Hi. I bought a cotton white top recently, wore it out for the first time but ended up with grease from the meat I was eating all down me. Please help as this is my favourite top, also what is dry cleaning fluid? will this help? and where do I obtain it from. Many thanks Fiona -- Reply (Ref:0315)

Q: Stains on dress shirt I have several stains on my plain colored, poplin dress (Van Heusen) shirts that have mysteriously appeared after I washed and dried them. These stains are dark and appear randomly on my shirts. They look very much like grease stains. I have tried oxiclean and dry cleaning, but no luck. Please help. Thank you. -- garciaji  Reply - (Ref:0149)

Q: Avoirdupois What is the difference between normal weights and measures and the Avoirdupois system?  -- Rob O'Neil Reply  (Ref:0145)

Q: How to. I'd like to know how to remove water spots from (auto) glass and mirrors? Thanks! -- Reply  (Ref:0146)

Q: Fishponds. I have a small pond and my problem is a vast amount of fish droppings which I  cannot get rid of as it just cannot be lifted out . I would appreciate a  relatively inexpensive solution. Thank you for any ideas at all. -- Stevie.  Reply   (Ref:0147) 

Removing Nail Polish from Carpet. Is there a remedy for removing Nail polish from carpet?  Thanks  -- Nakeshai Nicholson  Reply  (Ref:0150) 

Q: Family tree. How can I find out my Dad's Mother's maiden name? -- Donna Garber Reply  (Ref:0153)

Q: Methyl Blue Stain Removal. There are a number of medications used by persons with incontinence and/or burning urine. Many contain a chemical known as methyl blue. The patients urine when passed has a blue green color form the methyl blue. The resulting stains on under clothing, commode seats etc. seem to be impervious to cleansers. Does anyone have knowledge of something that will remove these stains?? -- F. B. Gold Reply (Ref:0154)

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