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Mildew I have just walked in on a pile of clothes in the basement where my laundry apparatus are and found a HUGE mildew stain on my bed cover, any suggestions as to how to get it out?? Thanks Julia Thorpe --  Reply 26 Jun 200 (Ref:0731) 

Aluminum poisoning Today I was approached by a person who claimed to have aluminum poisoning contracted while putting up an aluminum fence; long story. What I want to know is what are the symptoms of aluminum poisoning? -- Ju ju  Reply  24 Jun 2002 (Ref:0733) 

Q: Removal of oil & smell.  Help! I recently transported some citronella torches in the back of our  blazer. I thought they were empty enough not to drip on the carpet. Now I  have a terribly strong smell in our vehicle and an oily stain in the back.  How can I clean this mess up? Thanks for any help you can give. -- Malvina Reply 5 Jul 2002 (Ref:0734) 

Q: Cleaning irons. Would like to know the best way to clean a steam iron. We get brown spots on  our clothes when ironing. Thanks, Need help -- Reply 4 Jul 2002 (Ref:0735) 

Q: Boiled eggs  I like my eggs neither hard nor soft, but cooked until the center is firm but still creamy. Add eggs to boiling water. Boil for 1 minute and then turn the heat off for 10 minutes (and go do something else! You're busy!). Run under cold water to prevent burns when peeling. These are delicious on "entree salads" such as Chef Salad or Salad Nicoise.  Newburgh, NY --  Rebecca Foster Reply 3 Jul 2002 (Ref:0736) 

Q: Candles  I really need to know how to pack candles. Anyone know? -- dillon Reply 3 Jul 2002 (Ref:0737) 

Q: HOW TO GET SCRATCHES FROM GLASSES  I have a big scratch right across my eye glasses and it is very hard to see with it where it is. Is there anything that I can do to fix this. I can't get new ones until  Dec. & It's driving me bonkers. Can any one help me on this? I really would appreciate it. Thank you so much.  -- CdnLady 8 Reply   2 Jul 2002 (Ref:0738)

A: You can remove scratches on plastic glasses using metal polish but you will take the protective coating off and change the focal length of the lens destroying its effectiveness at matching your eye. I am talking from experience.

Q: Cement driveways how can you remove oil stains  Catch you on the web later. Spider Man --   Reply 27 Jun 2002  (Ref:0739) 

Q: Epsom Salt My mom used to use Epsom salt water as a fertilizer to her flowers and they were beautiful. I have done it myself in the past with luck. I just can not remember the combination of water and Epsom salt. Can you please Help?? Thank you. --  Roxanne Osborne Reply  27 Jun 2002 (Ref:0740) 

Q: Cat pee smell  Hi I have moved into a basement suite where the previous renters had a cat. There is a cat pee smell in the carpet in the living room and the bedroom. What can I use to remove this awful odour.   -- Colleen Quinn Reply  25 Jun 2002  (Ref:0741) 

Q: Measurement conversion I need help converting sq. feet to sq. metres. How many sq. metres are 260.000 sq. feet? Thank you for your help. --  Evelyn Holloway  Reply 1 Jul 2002 (Ref:0742)

A: you multiply by 0.0929  i.e. 0.929 X 260.000  = 24.154 By the way did you mean two hundred and sixty square feet or two hundred and sixty thousand square feet? -- Regards R Edmonds

Q: Water damage to coffee table Is there a way to repair a "water bubble" to an oak coffee table from where a glass of water had been set? Thank you. -- Elizabeth Olson Reply Jul 2002 Ref:0743) 

Q: mailing list. How do I get on your email list? I have looked through the site and can't find a link to send in. Thanks you ,Dorothy Spiegel  -- Reply 11 Jul 2002 (Ref:0744) 

Q: Groundhogs.  Please help me, groundhogs are eating most of my veggie garden. How do I keep them away. -- Reply   30 Jun 2002 (Ref:0745) 

Q: Squeaky floorboards  How do I stop boards from squeaking -- Barry smith Reply  30 Jun 2002 (Ref:0746) 

Q: (ref: 0582) cleaning the inside of a crystal decanter  Did the questioner receive a successful answer to this problem which we have, too? Would appreciate knowing. Thank you Gerald Reply 30 Jun 2002 (Ref:0747) 

Q:  Laundry problem. I am after a solution to a problem I have. I have purchased some sheer 100% cotton curtains, made in India. The problem is, the fabric is very stiff, they have already been washed with a wool fabric detergent (Softly), but it has made no difference to them. Could there be a solution to this? Regards -- Stephanie Germein Reply 11 Jul 2002 (Ref:0748) 

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