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 Permanent ink removal from skin. Hello. My daughter (11 months) picked up a Disney character stamp that has permanent ink self supplied.  Her slobber caused the pink ink to cover her hands and feet.  Her mouth was cleaned by a baby wipe and tongue is fairly normal. What can we do to remove the ink?  We’ve tried dial soap and lemon juice.  Help???? -- Scott  McClain Reply< class="reftext"> 2 Jul 2002 (Ref:0749) 

Q: Permanent Marker on Plastic Doll's Head  My son has just gotten a Sheriff Woody doll and unbeknowst to me, had blue permanent marker on his hands.  When he picked up the doll, he managed to transfer it to Woody's face, leaving his face kind of blue. I was able to use dish soap to remove most of it but he looks like he has a blue 5 o'clock shadow.  Any tips?  -- Paula Parker w Reply 1 Jul 2002 (Ref:0750)

Q: Ink on Woody. Did you ever get the ink mark off Woody? My daughter has decided that Baby Born would look better with a tattoo on her boring plain head. This has been created in blue biro. Did you find a magic secret? If so please could you advise me.

At present I have tried: Cif with a scourer, Neat Vinegar, Neat Lemon Juice, various multisurface cleaners even resulting to neat Vodka (rubbed on her head not drunk!) and lots more, but still the tattoo remains. Many thanks -- Karen kReply
5th April 07

Q:  Cain or Cane backed chairs. My Wife and I have what we believe are called "Cain or Cane Backed Chairs" that are in need of repair. We'd like to tackle this project, but have no idea as to where to get this Cain material. If I'm wrong on the name, it's a material that's very strong and thin and seems to be a kind of wicker. I suspect it may come in sheets. As you're looking at it, it's a series of hundreds of little holes. If you could suggest where to buy this stuff, it would be greatly appreciated. Cordially, Alex P. -- Reply 30 Jun 2002 (Ref:0751)

Q:  removing  cello tape. Any ideas on how to remove cello tape from a page without the page being ripped or print being removed? -- Alan Roddie Reply 5 Jul 2002 (Ref:0752) 

Q: Cat Pee I have a cat that keeps going to one spot in the house and continues to pee and is now starting to poop in that spot. I have tried the odor elimaters and they do not work. Is there something that I can do or use that will stop  this action? -- Reply 21 Jul 2002 (Ref:0753)

Stuck Chair. Please Have you an Answer for me ? The wrought iron legs on a chair are stuck to the carpet, if I pull the legs up the carpet will be ripped. As far as I know nothing has been spilt to make this happen. Please Help! Thank you -- Barbara Konowitz  Reply   18 Jul 2002 (Ref:0754)

Furniture  What will get the white spot off of wood furniture when you have sat something hot on it? -- Reply 14 Jul 2002 (Ref:0756) 

Baby Cream in Hair  How do you get baby cream out of a child's hair? It's on thick and covers his whole head. Vinegar, Head & Shoulders and toothpaste do not work. -- Kay Fredette  Reply 26 Jul 2002 (Ref:0757)

Carpet Beetles  I have just discovered that I have carpet beetles in my walk in closet by the dining room. I found a place that water had come into the closet from the siding on the outside of the house. I had taken the bugs, dead of course, to the Home Depot for identification and found out that I needed to use Boric acid after I had taken everything out of the closet. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, will the boric acid keep them from reoccurring? I think we have fixed the leak and won't know until the next heavy rain, however, I don't want to take a chance if there is something else needed to keep the carpet beetles out of the rest of the house. Thanks -- Carleen Davenport Reply 7 Jul 2002 (Ref:0759) 

Smelly towels  Hi, How do you remove the moldy smell from towels after a while. My towels smelled so clean and fresh but now some of them have a moldy, mildew smell even after adding vinegar to the load and washing on the longest cycle, I remove them promptly from the wash. Thanks -- Nora Day Reply 6 Jul 2002 (Ref:0760) 

Q: Cleaning Brass bed. I am looking at a brass bed that I might purchase and on one rail it looks like they tried to use something on it and something ran down the rail. I'm thinking it is probably lacquer but I am not sure how to remove it. Any suggestions? -- Kelly7   Reply 2 Aug 2002 (Ref:0762)

Q: Concrete cleaning Would you know how to remove plaster saturated in the concrete? It is new construction and the plasters have tacked it into the garage. Thanks for your help. -- Carmen Olson Reply 2 Aug 2002 (Ref:0763) 

Slugs. Does water attract slugs? I have a pond in my garden and lots n lots of slug. they just cover my lawn lawn is also waterlogged  -- saliha ayub Reply  31 Jul 2002 (Ref:0764) 

Q: Hideous smells.  Approximately 3 months ago my boyfriend's brother moved in with us. Personal  hygiene is at the very bottom of his list. Needless to say, himself, the  upstairs of my house, and the mattress he sleeps on reeks of a disgusting,  sickening odor. Although he's been given an ultimatum, we're stuck with the  stench. I'm looking for a solution not a cover up. My whole family would  truly appreciate any thoughts or ideas in removing this smell. I really don't  want to discard the mattress. Sincerely -- Becky Reply  30 Jul 2002 (Ref:0765) 

Q: Clean video tape.  My video tape has developed fungus. how do I clean it? thanks -- rajesh shanbhag  Australia Reply 30 Jul 2002 (Ref:0766) 

Q: Fixing color in fabric.  What can be used to "set" the color in a chamois cloth shirt ? The dark color "bleeds"  I understand that vinegar can be used. White or cider vinegar, what are the proportions, and how long should it soak ? Thanks --  eandvwms Reply  21 Jul 2002 (Ref:0768)

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