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Q: Sticky Residue I found that this works well for me. To remove sticky marks from labels etc, use a small amount of lemon essence (the type used as a flavouring in cooking) on a cloth to remove the mark. Removes the sticky mark and leaves a nice lemony smell too Cheerio -- Megan Scott Reply  Jul 2002 (Ref:0777)

Cats digging up the garden      I have a serious problem with cats digging huge holes in garden beds, I have tried all the usual commercial products (which work in the short term) but am now at a loss as to what to do - any suggestions --  Reply (Ref:0205) 21 Jul 2002

Answer#1: Cats Digging Up the Garden.  Here is a great idea. take the spade off the cat regards pete Reply  22/05/2005

Answer#2: Cats off vehiclesI heard that a rubber snake will stop them. -- Nicola Bellini...Nov 9 2007

Q: Shower Floor  We built a new house 3 months ago, they use a plastic floor now in the showers. My problem is where our feet are dirty when we get in the shower it stains it. I have tried bleaching it, using a bathroom cleaner, using Greased Lighting, even scrubbing with a brush but nothing takes it off. Does anyone know how to clean these? I would appreciate any help. Our shower floor look like it is already 5 years old.  -- Reply  20 Jul 2002 (Ref:0206)

A: Comet Bathroom Spray Disinfectant. Should help. -- Starla Shaulis   Feb 25 2006

Anwer: Removing Stains from Plastic Tubs.Use Mr. Clean's magic sponge - works great -- .J Rose Feb 25 2007

Bath tub stick on flowers  We just purchased a condo for my mom. It's in great shape except the bathtub has old stick on flowers all over the bottom for traction. How do I remove them? --  Reply 19 Jul 2002 (Ref:0770)


Q: Bleach stain I bleached a blood stain out of a white t-shirt and, although I was able to remove the blood, the bleach yellowed the white t-shirt. Is there any way to whiten this area? Thanks!  -- Al and Pam Reply 15 Jul 2002 (Ref:0773)

Q: Fresh Blood stain. Put article of clothing into bathroom sink and pour some peroxide on it and let it set a couple minutes. work it in a little, rinse and repeat. -- John D, Reply  

Q: Blood on fabric and carpet. Pour, full strength, hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it bubble. Then, blot with damp cloth.   Reply  Caution!! Full strength is a rocket fuel!!! Full Strength should read 5%. Ed.

Q: Having Trouble finding Dye Magnet    I hope you can help me! I've been using the Dye Magnet for about 3  years now and all of a sudden it's disappeared from all the stores in  my area. I went to the Dye Magnet web site, but when I click on the  "contact us" button, I get a "page not found" message. I really need to get more Dye Magnets as I live in an area that  doesn't have the clean water!! Any help you can give me would be appreciated! -- Lynn F Hutchins Reply 09 Nov 2001

Nails When I say nails I don't mean nails and hammers. When people look at my hands I want great looking nails. Could you help me out. Some tips would be helpful. -- "Pam Fowler" Reply  28 Jul 2002 (Ref:0774)

Fishponds & Snakes  How do I keep the snakes from going into my fishpond and eating my fish? -- maybrown Reply 21 Aug 2002 (Ref:0775)

Stuck Chair Wrought Iron Legs on my chair are Stuck To my Berber Carpeting. If I pull them up - carpeting will be Ripped Up Nothing Spilt - Something must have come out of the Chair Legs PLEASE HELP -- Barbara Konowitz Reply 21 Aug 2002 (Ref:0776)

Granite Counter top i was wondering how to remove scratches on Granite counter top??? and how to put down granite counter top??? -- Reply 20 Aug 2002 (Ref:0778)

Dusty window Blinds To keep dust off of your window blinds rub them down with a Bounce sheet. It stops static cling. Sincerely, -- Billi Birt Reply 19 Aug 2002 (Ref:0779)

Algae in dog's water Who has some ideas for prevention of algae in an outside large water container in the hot summer? Thanks -- Reply 11 Aug 2002  (Ref:0780)

Removing adhesive from suede hi, i was hoping you can help me out of a sticky situation (and i mean it literally!). i bought a pair of shoes and when i took the price tag off, which was adhered to the suede part of the shoe, it left an adhesive residue. how would i go about removing adhesive from suede? thanks, maihieu -- "Maihieu Le" Reply 07 Aug 2002  (Ref:0781)

Oil Stains on Driveway We have many oil stains on our driveway which is only one year old. Our son has an old car and it continues to leak oil. How can we remove these stains. Very much appreciated. Thank you. -- Cathy Madott Reply 4 Aug 2002 (Ref:0782)

Q: Permanent marker. How to remove permanent marker on a colored bed spread --  JANICE S. MCDOWELL" Reply  2 Aug 2002 (Ref:0783)

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