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Q: Video Production Try to use thirty minute video tape cassettes. Longer duration tapes - 60 and 90 minutes - make editing a dreaded chore. Reply 29 Jul 2002 (Ref:0784)

Leaky valve in a basketball Does anybody know how to stop a leak in the valve of a basketball? -- Gary Herring Reply 16 Aug 2002 (Ref:0785)

Whistle What would cause a loud whistle when the washer fills, or a toilet is flushed? There is a pressure reducer installed on the water line coming into the house. Appreciate any suggestions. D. Billings Reply 16 Aug 2002 (Ref:0786)

Water softeners Do water softeners installed in home cause problems with your heart because of the salt in the water? -- Janis "Janis Gilbert" Reply 18 Aug 2002(Ref:0298)

Smelly Fan I recently purchased a hand-painted fan that had been imported from Thailand, although it is very beautiful, when I opened it from itís packaging it has the FOUL odor I have ever smelt. The fan is made of fabric (it seems to be cotton), does anyone know what I could do apart from airing it for a couple of weeks to get the smell out? I have thought of using Febreeze but donít know if this will affect the paint. -- "Trudy Helmrich" Reply20 Aug 2002 (Ref:0299)

Grease stains on paper Does anyone know of a way to remove grease stains from paper or are they stuck there forever? -- gillian cole Reply 20 Aug 2002(Ref:0300)

Smelly clothes Hi. Every few washes, when my clothes dry, they smell of a disgusting smelly socks/dog dirt odour. This is driving me mad. I thought it was because I was drying them indoors but even if I dry them outside, it can still happen. Eg Towels seem fine until drying myself after a shower, the smell just sticks to me. Can anyone please help me?? I'm desperate. -- Martin Curran mcurransurv 20 Aug 2002    (Ref:0302)

A: Smells in Laundry   I to have had the same problem. I started putting white vinegar in my wash  water once a month. I start filling my washer with water, add about two  cups of white vinegar to the water then add my detergent then my clothes.  It has worked well for me. White vinegar also seems to brighten my clothes.  Lori Wheeler Accountant Englefield Oil Company Reply  24/08/2005

Q: Brown Leylandii I have leylandii trees at the front of my house (on a main road) and they have gone brown apart the top of the trees (about a quarter of the tree) Can anyone advise on whether they are dead or if they can be saved - if so, how? If they are dead what has killed them - any ideas? -- "alan blair" Reply 15 Aug 2002 (Ref:0316)

Q: Fish pond my fishpond is 4ft x 3ft x 2.5ft deep and 8ft x 6ft x1.5ft deep i need to know how much water that holds thank you -- "anna30" Reply 14 Aug 2002(Ref:0787)

Reply to-Carpet. How to get the dye: Go to shoe repair on Sheridan drive. Example-near Wilson farms. They have dye you can buy. They use it on shoes, But it works on other. -- Reply 8 Aug 2002 (Ref:0788)

Q: gum-leaf stain on duco does anyone know how to remove ingrained gum-leaf stains from car paintwork?? many thanks in anticipation. -- "Doug" Reply 8 Aug 2002 (Ref:0789)

Silk flowers I have some beautiful silk flowers that need to be cleaned. I have no idea how to do this. Any ideas. Thank you. -- Deb Reply 7 Aug 2002 (Ref:0790)

Permanent marker on an ornament Hi, has anyone got any ideas on how to remove a permanent marker stain from an ornament. My daughter tried to colour them in .... I have tried alcohol, nail polish remover, toothpaste and eucalyptus. They have all sort of dulled the stain, but not removed it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Ann -- "Anna Martin" Reply 7 Aug 2002 (Ref:0791)

Wooden blinds  We recently moved and the family room has five windows of wooden blinds. They are very dusty. What is the easy way to clean them? Pat -- Reply 6 Aug 2002   (Ref:0792)

Renovate Wooden Blinds  Please advise how to refinish stain finished slats that have been sun bleached and replace faded tape. The blinds were custom made 20 years ago. Should I throw away and buy new ones? Thanks Oscar -- Oscar Cook, Jr. Reply 24 Oct 2003  (Ref:0792a)

Nail polish on mattress How can I remove nail polish from a mattress? Our grandson spilled a bottle of polish on the bed. -- "Account Manager" Reply 5 Aug 2002 (Ref:0793)

How to removal melted plastic from polished steel? I have a very nice polished stainless steel exhaust on my car. A plastic grocery bag got caught on it while I was driving and melted to the steel. How do I remove it without damaging the polished steel? Thanks,-nv -- "Yellow S2000" Reply 4 Aug 2002 (Ref:0794)

Toilet scratches I scratched the inside of my toilet by using a brush that was worn away, Any suggions in minimizing or removing the scratches? -- "Katz, Kara" Reply 4 Aug 2002  (Ref:0795)

Wax in Animal Fur My pet rabbit knocked over a large outdoor Citrus candle that had sat in the rain and got wax all over his face and arms. The candle wasn't lit, but the wax was liquid and now his fur is stiff with this stuff, even around his mouth. Does anyone know a safe way to remove it? -- "LuAnn Krause" Reply 3 Aug 2002 (Ref:0796)

A: Wax on Bunny . If there is still wax on your bunnies fur if you rub the wax with an ice cube it will get hard and peel off without hurting him - I learned this when the same thing happened to my long haired cat. -- Debbie  "Debbie Mann, RN, CCM" Reply  3 Feb 2004

Q: Candlewax in Fur..I have the same issue.  Hi. My great dane recently leaned over a wax tart burner and got  liquid wax all over his ear! He wasn't hurt (thank goodness!) Did you ever hear  how to remove wax from fur? Linda -- Linda Reade Reply  Reply 5 Jul 2002

Q: Smell of Kerosene Anyone know the b way to get the smell of kerosene out of upholstery? Thanks -- "j.burley" Reply Reply Reply

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