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Q: Lipstick on whites I washed and dried a load of white clothing. I forgot a tube of lipstick in the pocket, and now I have a load of yucky stained uniform pants and other white articles. Can you give me any advice on how to remove these stains? Sincerely, Jill -- Reply  (Ref:0890)

Q: Leather  I have a leather couch that has gum smeared on one of the cushions. Any suggestions? steve -- Reply    1 Jan 2003 (Ref:0848)

Q: glasses Hi! I have a problem with my drinking glasses. They come out of my dishwasher with a filmy soap residue. I use a complete dish detergent, and jet-dry. What else can I do? -- Amy Gehrt Reply 1 Jan 2003 (Ref:0900)

Q: dishwasher grit  My dishwasher is leaving grit on all the dishes.  What can I do?  I tried running baking soda in a cycle but no change. Please help!  "Bettyanne Walther" Reply  5 Jan 2003 (Ref:0903)

Q: Stain Removal   How do you get a motor oil stain out of blue suede shoes ? Charlie  Reply 

(Ref:0903) motor oil Hi There Did you ever get an answer to your question about motor oil and blue suede shoes? My one year old son got into some motor oil today and got some on his blue suede shoes!!!! Was wondering how to get out the stain. Thanks -- Kelly Reply   Reply, 15 Jul 2003

Smoke smell in house  I tragically burned my stew to ashes and in the process stank up my house big time. I have aired it out and polished the furniture and cleaned the carpet and the smell is still there. Any ideas on what to do next. Thank you so much. Sheri Hughes Reply 7 Jan 2003 (Ref:0906)

A: Smoke smell  Hot Depot makes a heavy duty smoke eliminator product by Zep. It comes in an aerosol can. It is found in the cleaning section with glass cleaner, mold and mildew cleaner, etc. I advise using it with a respirator and allowing some outside ventilation in. Good Product though. -- Janice Murphy 15 Sep 2003

mildew how do i get mildew stains off a t shirt ? -- Reply  8 Jan 2003    (Ref:0907)

Q: Aol IM sound    Hi, My name is Daryl and I would like to find out if you can make your own aol im sound right off your own computer if so how can I do that? THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR TIME!    Reply 12 Jan 2003 (Ref:0908)

Q: Possible to re-fill felt tipped pens?     Thanks Rodney Perth Western Australia    "rodney" Reply 15 Jan 2003 (Ref:0909)

Q: Why is Irish whiskey smoother than Scotch, the Irish is usually double distilled, why is there any doubt that triple distillation is better than double distillation? MacRitchie Reply 15 Jan 2003 (Ref:0910)

Q: vinyl floor repair     Someone accidentally dropped a cigarette on my wifes' one-piece vinyl kitchen floor. Now there is a small round blackened "indent" in the floor! Is this repairable, or am I doomed!!! -- "Garry Rondeau" Reply 9 Jan 2003 (Ref:0913) 

Q: window sweating    The windows in my house sweats really bad and my windows sills are mildewing, what do you suggest that i do to stop them from sweating, it is really bad and nasty, thanks for any suggestions. -- "Kay Collins" Reply 11 Jan 2003 (Ref:0914)

Cat & Lizards!  My cat keeps bringing in dead lizards & leaving them on the floor. Is there anything I can do to keep her from doing that? She has a cat door, so she comes & goes as she pleases. I don't want to force her to become a house cat, but I don't want to keep picking up the nasty little dead lizards either. THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!!  -- "Sissy Henderson" Reply 16 Jan 2003 (Ref:0915)

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