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Q: Painting tyres for plant containers. I want to paint some old tyres to use as plant containers. Any ideas on what kind of paint I should use?  -- t.hurst" Reply  16 Jan 2003 (Ref:0917)

Stain Removal. My teenage daughter spilled self-tanning spray on her carpet and then  moved furniture over it to hide it!!! It's a yellow-orange color  stain. Any ideas? It's a beige wool carpet (of course) grrr. Any  help would be appreciated! email: Reply  -- Stephen Rowe Reply  (Ref:0918)

Smoke smell. How do I get stale cigarette smell out of a mattress? Martin & Nancy Noriega Tucson, Arizona 85704 "A Positive Attitude is all you need to Succeed"  -- Martin Noriega Reply 19 Jan 2003  (Ref:0920)

Q: Abrasions on glass windows. While sanding I inadvertently scratched the surface of a thick glass door. Is it possible to buff out the scratches or remove them by some other method?     Reply 20 Jan 2003 (Ref:0921)

Q: Soap suds in septic system. Good morning! Recently we moved into a 5-year old home and had to have our septic system pumped out from bad kitchen practices of the former owners. It has now filled back up with water (which is normal), but it aerator continues to make large amount or soap suds, (from use of the dishwasher and washing machine); it's just like when people put liquid soap into outdoor fountains; and the suds are coming out of the covered openings of the septic tank (1000 gal. capacity). Help! Is there anything we can do to put into the tank to take care of those suds. Thank you. --  "Steve Enderlin" Reply   23 Jan 2003 (Ref:0922)

Q: Suede dye on hands.  I have a black suede skirt, but every time a wear it I end up with black hands & waist! How can I stop this happening? Julie Howser  Reply 23 Jan 2003 (Ref:0923)

Q: ink stain on suede coat. Help! how do I get an ink stain out of a suede jacket? --   Lacey Slater Reply 24 Jan 2003

Q: Ink Stain on Suede  Hi,  I saw your question about the ink stain on suede and wondered if you had received any replies telling you how to get rid of it. I have felt tip on a suede coat and keep seeing differing opinions on the web as to how to get it out. Did you manage to get your stain out and if so, please could you let me know how you did it.  Many thanks. Julie. -- Reply 11/05/2005

Q: Slice Soda Stain on Carpet. On light beige carpet I have a large Slice orange soda stain. None of the super carpet cleaners from the store even put a dent in it, although they’ve worked on everything else. Any ideas? -- Catherine Rose Reply 25 Jan 2003

Q: Salt in yard. I have a saltwater fish tank and emptied some of the water in my yard (stupid I know). I live in the deserts of Arizona and many of my plants soaked up the salt water during the dry season. What can I do to get rid of the salt in my soil or at least minimize the damage? -- Corey Anderson Reply  27 Jan 2003

Q: Rit dye spots (red) on the pad of my pink vinyl kitchen chair!!  Hi, can someone tell me how to get the spots off --- I tried bleach,  hairspray etc. nothing working so far! Please e-mail me at Reply I really appreciate it! -- Kathy, Reply    27 Jan 2003

Q: Stains on Vinyl. I saw you were requesting help in getting stains out of vinyl. Did you ever find something that worked?: We have a bad stain from rit dye on a linoleum or vinyl floor and are looking for advice to get rid of the stain. Any advice? Tom. -- Carol. Reply. 2/11/08

Q: Oil base ink remover. hi i am new in art school and we work with oil base ink and i was wandering  if you knew of anything else but acetone to erase this ink, thanks    Reply  28 Jan 2003

Q: Water stain on shoe leather. After it’s snowed the melted snow/salt leaves white stains on shoe leather. How do I get rid of it, and is there something I could use to prevent it? Neil Evans Reply 1 Feb 2003 (Ref:0925)

Q: sticky residue on clothes. Hello, I hope someone can help me. I bought my son a pair of navy blue school pants, and when I pulled the size sticker off of the leg, the residue from the sticker was still on the pants. So I washed them and it is still there. It is nothing that can be peeled off with your fingers. If anyone knows anything I can do to remove it I would appreciate the input. I can't return them to the store because they are going out of business. Thank You -- Renee Wathen  Reply 3 Feb 2003 (Ref:0926)

Q: China stain. How can I remove stains on old pottery and or porcelain? Thanks --  Bluemoon2   Reply  5 Feb 2003    (Ref:0927)

Q: Stain on Leather Chair. My sister's dog ate raw hamburger and then vomited on her leather chair. Any suggestions on getting the stain removed? Thanks! -- terra cummins Reply 5 Feb 2003   (Ref:0928)

Q: Blood Stains. I have blood stains on my linoleum. The blood wasn't cleaned up immediately and has left brown stains on my linoleum. Any help would be appreciated. Tammi Reply  9 Feb 2003 (Ref:0929)

A: Blood on fabric and carpet. Pour, full strength, hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it bubble. Then, blot with damp cloth.   Reply  Caution!! Full strength is a rocket fuel!!! Full Strength should read 5%. Ed.

A: Fresh Blood stain. Put article of clothing into bathroom sink and pour some peroxide on it and let it set a couple minutes. work it in a little, rinse and repeat. -- John D, Reply

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