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Q: Ballpoint pen  My young grandson decided to scribble on the wallpaper in my wallpaper in my hallway with ballpoint pen. What can I do to get it clean? --  Barbara Krone  Reply   4 Sep 2003 (Ref:0938)

 Q: Printing Love your site but I am unable to print in regular type ? Can you help me. -- Don Mackay Reply 27 Aug 2003 (Ref:0939)

Q: Oil on nubuck shoes  My husband was volunteering at our church's pancake breakfast and spilled some oil on his new nubuck shoes. Any suggestions to get that stain out? Thanks. Elena Dwyer  --  Reply 5 Oct 2003Ref:0936)

Q: Getting tape off washable suede jacket Jacket sleeve was Scotch taped in a moving box, Now there is the sticky tape down the length of sleeve about 3/8" wide, Jacket is machine washable, but want to get tape off first! How can I do this? -- K Kubrich Reply 20 Sep 2003  (Ref:0935)

Q: Website listed in newspaper on November 12,2003 Regarding the newspaper article dated Nov 12, 2003 the website for the "adoptalibrary.org" is not available. I tried several times and could not get through. I have a lot of romance novels and other novels that I need for someone to use. Please advise as to why I can not access that website. Thank you,-- Linda Hardt Reply 12 Nov 2003 (Ref:0948)

Q:Chewing gum in Dryer  My husband left chewing gum in his pants and it is all over the inside of my new clothes dryer. Please send any information on removing. Thanks, -- Peggy Hofferman Reply 13 Dec 2003 (Ref:0975)

Q: Cast iron pans. Like your website! However, I wonder if you have an answer as to cast-iron fry pans: I have a pan with a sticky coating on it which I'm finding difficult to remove. Could be caused by cooking spray or cooking oil. Is there a page on your website telling me how to deal with this? Thank you! -- Carole Reply 31 Jan 2004 (Ref:0976)

Q: Stained Glasses I am not sure if I am using your website correctly as I cannot find the answer to my query. I wonder if you can help me. I have drinking glasses that have gone cloudy in the dishwasher in a ring about half way up, all around. I would like to know if there is a way of getting them clean and what it is caused by. I believe it is caused by too much or too little salt in the dishwasher? This must be a problem that many people ask about and I am surprised I cannot find it on your website - I think I must be looking in the wrong place? Many thanks for your help - I am in Spain, where are you?! -- Charlotte Bentley. Reply   06 Feb 2004 (Ref:0977)

Q: Laundry  I shall be most grateful if someone could let me know how I can get black dye out of a blue check flannelette sheet I mistakenly washed with a pair of black trousers. Instead of a nice blue check sheet its now a dull grey one. If anyone could help you will be my friend forever! -- Mrs Doreen Smith Reply 16 Feb 2004 (Ref:0978)

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