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Q: Paint on Denim  How do I remove a latex paint stain from a pair of denim jeans?  Wendy & Charles Lum Reply 16 Mar 2004 (Ref:1027)

A: Removing Latex Paint from denim : I used Stain Devils Chewing Gum and Adhesive Remover. After I scraped as much paint off as possible, I used the Stain Devils product which dissolves the latex. I scraped more off and kept at it until most was removed. Then I laundered the jeans. This got it out. Use the remover in a well ventilated room or outside! Good luck. --  Reply Mar 13 2006

Q: Dog's Urinating  please can u help me i am a single parent and have a dog i can't afford to buy expensive products and the problem is my dog is urinating on my landing carpet I have various disinfectants to get the smell out but to no avail  is there any thing i can use which won't cost the earth --  "june ADAMS" Reply   18 Mar 2004  (Ref:0999)

Q: Black Marker Pen  Have you a way to remove a black marker pen stain from white synthetic fabric. I bought a jacket very cheaply with "sample" written in the lining. Thank you for your help. J Davis  Reply 31 Mar 2004  (Ref:1005)

Q: How do I remove Cat hair from my Laundry.... I have a medium hair domestic cat... that loves to shed.... and I was wondering if there are any tricks to help remove the cat hair from my laundry.... I do my best to keep him brushed... but every time I pull out a fresh load of laundry, there's cat hair everywhere.... Any help would be greatly appreciated...."Jeff McCollum" ReplyApril 01, 2004 (Ref:1024)

Q: Pen Ink Stain  My daughter went to an old time village and was allowed to use a Quill Pen and has black ink all over her hands, soap and water or nail polish remover has not gotten it out. Do you have a suggestion for removing it? Thanks. BPOPCKOKE" -- Reply 8 Apr 2004   (Ref:1059)

Q: Iron Mark I Have burnt a mark on my suit trousers with the iron, is there any way to remove the mark. -- antony hill Reply 21 April 2004  (Ref:1030)

Q: Rust Stain. Could u please tell me what to do to get rid or rust stain from my sons shirt he paid 40 for it and wore it once please help --  Reply  7 May 2004 (Ref:1171)

Q: Ink stains on leather.   How do I remove ball-point-pen ink from white leather purse? -- "JOHN FALKENBERY" Reply  8 May 2004 (Ref:1032)

Q: Tee shirts - Yellow Stain could you tell me how to get rid of yellow stain under arms of tshirts? thank you, -- Rose Reply 15 May 2004 (Ref:0987)

A: Yellow Stain. I can't tell you how to get rid of existing yellow but I can tell you how not to get yellow again on new items...I believe in cheap and environmentally safe...go buy a box of Borax...it is a powder and costs about 3 dollars...put a sprinkle of that in every load of light colored laundry along with whatever laundry soap you use and you shouldn't have anymore problems with yellowing...One more of many other uses for borax is it will shine you bathroom porcelain right up and great for cleaning toilets, plus many other things....It will save you money and cut your cleaning products in half. Good luck. -- CHRIS and Angie FORD Reply Jan 25 2006

Q: keeping cats off my vehicle  I'm looking for a free way to keep the stray cats off my vehicle any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Ray Johnson  Reply  20 May 2004 (Ref:1033)

A: Cats off vehicles I heard that putting a rubber snake on the car will stop them. -- Nicole Bellini...Nov 9 2007

Q: Carpet Stains: Any idea how to get nail polish out of light blue carpet? please email ASAP to Reply -- Thanks "Charles and Sandra Pitts" Reply   22 May 2004  (Ref:1082)

Q: Printer Ink On Cloth desk chair seat? Hi My Husband got a deal from work on 5 printers & a copy machine.... anyway it seams one had had an ink cartridge explode in it at one time... he was sitting them on our desk chair to test them & see if the worked & he didn't know there was ink on it until he opened it & looked inside but by that time there was an ink spot about the size of a quarter on the chair.... what can I use to remove this ink?? any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!  Thanks, --  GinaGina Reply 23 May 2004  (Ref:1034)

Q: Removing Contact Paper from Ceramic Tile.  Hello....The kitchen walls of our new-older home is covered with contact paper. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the contact paper is covering retro-style (1950's perhaps?) ceramic tile. How can we remove the contact paper without damaging the tile? We would appreciate any information. Thanks Goldie : Reply May 24, 2004 (Ref:1029)

Q: Concrete Restoration We accidentally spilled used cooking oil on our concrete patio and it has discolored the cement. I tried scrubbing it off but the cement remains discolored. Any suggestions on how to restore the color to the concrete? -- Bernie Simmons Reply June 03, 2004 (Ref:0990)

Q: Mold Removal Does anyone know how to remove mold on a pizza stone. It must not have been completely dry when I stored it away in a plastic bag. Thank you for any solutions you can share with -- Janice Martin Reply  June 12, 2004 (Ref:0991)

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