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Q: A quick question? Hello I recently decorated the 2 upstairs rooms in my house. I sanded and then varnished the floors and painted the skirting board with GLOS paint. The trouble is that now 5 weeks latter on the rooms (and the rest of the house) still smell of floor varnish and gloss paint. This makes sleeping in the house uncomfortable. Are there any tips to help get rid of the smell? Thanks Ian Dolan --  DOLAN, Ian Reply   04 November 2004 (Ref:1018)

Q: Iron trick on removing wax from carpet. Yes the iron trick will remove the wax from the carpet!!!!!. Again, Don't let the iron get too hot. --  Becky Brooner Reply  08 November 2004 (Ref:1019)

Q: Mattress cigarette smoke odor PLEASE HELP!!!! How do I get rid of cigarette smoke odor in my mattress and boxsprings? -- Leanne Griffin Reply   13 November 2004 (Ref:1020)

Q: Gum in Clothes Dryer Help!! How do I get gum out of the drum of my clothes dryer??? -- Christy Miller Reply   22 November 2004 (Ref:1021)


Q: Iron mark on carpet  Can you help me. I was doing some quick ironing kneeling on the carpet! Put the iron down on carpet and it has left the iron mark, any ideas how to get rid or at least lessen the appearance, Thanks sue dorney   Reply 25 Nov 2004  (Ref:1152)

Q: wax dye from clothing. I got some wax on a top and washed it and unfortunately although the wax came out it left red dye on the shirt can any 1 tell me how to get this out Reply 30 November 2004 (Ref:1023) 

Q: Sleeping bag question  I hope you can help me!  I need to know ASAP some handy tips on how to keep sleeping bags clean! The man we are filming has 3 sleeping bags and lets his dogs sleep in them all the time. As a result they smell and there is hair all over the place! I would love to know how one could keep the hair to a minimum - maybe keep something in the sleeping bag to collect the hairs and -keep it smelling nice. Thanks a million in advance.  --  Best wishes  Jessica Stoddart Reply  6 Dec 2004 (Ref:1095)

Q: Black Shoe Polish Stains  Help how do i get black shoe polish out of my carpet?  --  Jonzie Reply 10/12/2004  (Ref:1026) 

Q: Underarm Yellow stains on White Tee Shirts. I would love to find out how to get rid of the ugly yellow stains that are on the underarms of my white tee shirts. I'm really tired of throwing them out and buying new one. Thanks in advance -- Linder Reply  12/12/2004 (Ref:1031)

A: Yellow Stains. Soak your shirts in oxyclean!  Reply    15/05/2005

Q: Red Nail Polish  i have red nail polish spilled all over my carpet... how do i get it out... help please -- charlen  Reply  12/12/2004 (Ref:1025)

Q: Removing Laquer.  My copper pans have a lacquer finish on them, and I was told to remove it before cooking with them. can you tell me how to remove it? thanks,  candy -- Reply  13/12/2004  (Ref:1036)

A: Removing Lacquer. Clean lacquer from copper pans from the outside so they can be safely used for cooking. 'CHARLES MOSCATELLO J' jnsdntsqzverizon.net. Mar 28 2006

Q: Help-nail polish on brand new jacket  Hi-how do I remove dried nail polish from new jacket-a Christmas present I have to give tomorrow? Sue -- Reply  23/12/2004 (Ref:1035)

Q: Gasoline Odor. Hello, One of the people I live with drove her gasoline leaking car into the garage. I noticed it when there were gasoline odors in most of the house. She removed the car to the outside and I left the garage doors open and put kitty litter on the areas that had not dried in five hours. My question is when I have someone sweep the litter out of the garage and it still smells should they repeat the application of the kitty litter until the smell is gone. Unfortunately we have a house where the garage is under the bedrooms and connected to the first level of the house where the laundry room is. The dryer is vented out to the garage and I am afraid to use the drier until the gasoline problem is gone. The vent is about two feet from the spill. We have a window in the back of the double car garage and a door on the side of the garage. We would like to close the two garage doors for security sake. Would one open window be enough ventilation to keep the smells in the garage until they evaporate. and how long can we leave kitty litter on the gasoline spills? And where do we dispose of the gasoline inundated kitty litter when we finish using it? Also is there a way of blocking the entry of the fumes into the laundry room through the door that is between that room and the garage? The garage doors have been open for 48 hours and the kitty litter has been down for 36 hours, all 40lbs of it. The mean temperature here is 20 degrees Fahrenheit so the gasoline isn't evaporating any too quickly. Thanks for your Reply. Reply  Dec 31 2004 (Ref:1057)

Q: chewing gum on drum inside my electric dryer  To whom it may concern, I have been attacked by an unforseen couple of sticks of gum that made it through the wash into my dryer. Now I need to know as soon as possible the best way to remove the rather disgusting looking mess that coats the entire inside of my dryer drum. My dyrer is an electric dryer, so there is no open flames to worry about. However my concern is for the heat build up when the dryer runs the next time, as well as what will our clothes smell like after they are dry? Can you give me an answer? Thank you very much, Robert -- Reply  26/12/2004 (Ref:1037) 

A: How to remove Gum from Electric Clothes Dryer Drum. I had the same problem I went to the local Walmart store and purchased an item Called ( De-Solv-It) This product is 100% Organic Biodegradable and it smells great too, not harsh Chemical smell safe for skin too. I used this on my dryer all the gum just wiped away. it looks like new again .... Jeremy Reply  08/11/2005

Q: How do you remove grease from suede?  Hello, recently i spilled a the sauce from a salmon dish on my brothers leather jacket, would you have any idea how to remove it? thank you. -- Reply  01/01/2005 (Ref:1038) 

Q: 'Newness' off new towels? I would love to know how to take the "newness" off new towels? It takes such a long time for them to become rougher and absorbant. Thank you in anticipation -- Diana Lacock Mousery Reply 05 January 2005 (Ref:1041)

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