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Q: Removing Hairspray  How can i remove hair spray from painted bathroom wall? -- Reply 23/01/2005 (Ref:1051)

A: Hair Spray remover. Baby wipes !!!!! yes thats what i said . works for me every time! -- Darleen Reply  30/10/2005

Q: Stain removal.  Hi  I saw your web site and thought I would give it a try to solve my problem. My 5 year old son was sick the other day and has left vomit stains on my light brown nubuck/suede boots. I am desperate to find a method of removing the stains. Please help. Thank you.  Reply 05 January 2005 (Ref:1055)

Q: Suede Clogs Stain. I have a pair of suede clogs and I got this hair treatment on it. It is clear and quite thick. It completely stained my shoes. Does anyone know how I could get that stain out? -- Kimberly Nicole Walker Reply 12 January 2005 (Ref:1061)

Q: Aluminum   Greetings, I'm seeking information on aluminum in foods, drinks, and household products. Also, I heard this is in tea? All tea? I thank you kindly for any information you may share. In kindness, Rick -- Reply  17/01/2005   (Ref:1000)  

Q: Carpet problem.  hi, a friend of mine has a son who has spilt green play goo from an alien toy on to the carpet this has fused to the fibres of the carpet and is set solid nothing seems to remove this they are moving out soon and is very visible and will lose deposit any ideas on how to remove this 
many thanks EMMA LEONARD Reply 21 January 2005 (Ref:1052)

Q:  Gray Cutlery Scratches.  Was checking out your site, as all my searches sent me to you for my question...however I didnt find the answer. My question is "how do you remove those gray cutlery scratches that are on your dishes"? cant find the answer anywhere.... hope you can help me Thanks in advance -- "joyced" joyced45qzteluspReply 

Joyce Ducharme 
Cruise & Vacation Specialist 

Q: Manual.  Hi. I'm about to start learning how to drive manual and I was wondering how to start the car moving. I see some people get the car rolling like it's an automatic. Do you hold the gas at a certain rpm and let the clutch out or do you do both at the same time? I was thinking that at the same time, it would cause a lot of slippage. Also, to slow down, do you have to rev match? When you upshift, I heard that timing is not necessary like in stop to first. Is this true? When can you slow down and not have to push in the clutch? I'm guessing this last one comes with learning the car but how do you know what speed and rpm to be at to downshift, in the sense that say you're in fourth, and you want to come to second, how do you know where the gauges should be so you could skip third in the downshift? -- Atif Farooqi  Reply February 28, 2005 (Ref:1093)

Q: Gasoline Odors Out of Clothes???   Hi, I need help getting gas odors out of some clothing, I have tried mean green, Amway products, stain removers, and washed and wash with no results anyone got an idea or KNOWS please e-mail me at Reply  Thank you Debbie Martin  Mar 11 2005(Ref:1091)

Q: Sock Dye Stains On Feet Help: I wore some new black socks without first laundering them. They turned the bottoms of my feet green. I tried soap, hydrogen peroxide, even a little Comet and nothing is working. How do I get this off?? -- Roland Hasselbacher Reply Mar 22 2005 (Ref:1086)

Q: Help!!: My Guess down coat, which is white, has a stain drops on it and I don't know what these stains are. They are slightly yellow in color. I tried baking soda and Seltzer water but that didnt really work so much. I just bought this coat...can someone please suggest a remedy. The shell is nylon with polyurethane coating. --  'Kishma Hotmail' Reply Mar 22 2005 (Ref:1087)

Q: Rust Stain on Carpet.  My query is: How do I get a rust stain off a light green wool carpet? -- Regards Cathy Jelfs Reply 31/03/2005 (Ref:1053)

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