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Q: Mould in Bedding.  Hi there: wonder if you could advise me. We are in process of buying a small property in the Algarve Portugal. As it will remain empty for some weeks at a time I am concerned about clothes, linen and bedding etc. becoming damp and mouldy. How could I avoid this, please? Looking forward to hearing from you -- Janet Georgiou  Reply 6 Apr 2005 (Ref:1097)

Q: Tiger Lily Stain in carpet: Does anyone know how to get the orange stain from the tiger lily stamens out of cream berber carpet? I have tried vinegar, hot water, and dish detergent to no avail. Also tried Javex for non-bleachables which also did nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Linda  -- Linda Mohammed Reply Apr 6 2005 (Ref:1084)

Q: Bowed table top Type:   How do I take the bow out of a freshly built 4x8 foot table top? The top is  made of laminated 3x3 inch maple. I have not been able to fasten the top  because of the one inch bow. --   'Phil and Twyla Harp' Reply  Apr 7 2005(Ref:0988)

Q: Blu Tack Hi there.. I urgently need to find out how to remove that oil which is left behind on white plaster walls when you remove posters which are held up with Blu Tack. Thank you very much! Cindy -- "Cindy van Niekerk" Reply 19 Apr 2005

Q: Mind Control. what is the best type of tinfoil to put in my hat if I wish to stop them from reading my mind?  Kavik K. O'Blather OK Richard I Know its you - Ed April 19 2005 (Ref:1080)

Q: Tobacco Stains. ANY TIPS ON REMOVING TOBACCO STAINS FROM FINGERS?  -- 2 Cindy Reply  1/05/2005(Ref:1160)

Q: Cockroach Smell   I can't find anything to get the smell of cockroaches out of furniture and clothes. Got any ideas.  Lori -- Reply 16 May 2005 (Ref:1113)

Q: ink out of a Desk  I am looking for something that will take ink out of my wood desk? Thank You, Marcia  Reply 27/05/2005  (Ref:1099)

Q: Grass Stain. My mom and I were walking my dog at the park tonight and she fell in a hole and got grass stain on her denim capris. Does Cascade and Lava soap work on denim too? And/or do you have any other ideas of how to get grass stains out of denim?  Thank you for your time and have a great weekend! -- Reply 29/05/2005  (Ref:1101)

A: Grass Stain: Try Cascade or similar dry dishwasher soap. When my sons played sports I learned this and it worked every time. I even use it on my bathtub. It seems to have lost is sparkle or that clear coating that makes it easy to clean. When I use Cascade it gets cleaner and in 1/2 the time. Also Lave hand soap work well too. On grout in the tub and clothing stains but rinse it out so it doesn't lighten clothing. Good luck!  Chris 

Q: Cleaning Gold Rings I'm trying to find out the best way to clean Gold rings (with and without small Diamonds in), necklaces, earrings etc? I'm worried about using Coke or vinegar incase it turns them all an odd color, or, being dramatic, melts them. Please could you help? Thank you Debbie Debz Reply  5 Jan 2005
Good Luck for your excellent site in 2005!!

Q: Perspiration Stain Removal  How do I remove yellow perspiration stains from white shirts -- Reply 06/01/2005

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