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Tip Plus a Question. Glad to have found your site. ** I would like to know a good remedy to remove tobacco and tea stains  from teeth. I think you are a good place to inquire about this.
Treatment for a brown recluse spider bite: Colloidal Silver, a mineral  from the health food store. Take 1-2 drops mixed in 1/3 c. water  internally 3 x daily for 3 days and rub the colloidal silver directly  on the bite at least 3 x daily for 7 days. The silver literally stops  the progression of the venom and in many cases I've seen no hideous  scar left on the person. I live in a southern state where brown  recluse bites are widespread and even doctors don't know what to do  other than a cortisone shot (which doesn't stop the venom). Colloidal  silver works miraculously. Lisa Lisa Burks Reply 6 Jan 2005 (Ref:1116)

Q: Do you know? do you know? Fish Can Keep Mental Decline at Bay. please click the URL to learn more? -- EE Reply   03/05/2005 (Ref:1117)

Q: Ball Point Ink stain How can I remove ball point ink from a coffee table -- Reply 03/05/2005 (Ref:1103)

Q: Cats off the Car
I have a problem with cats sitting on my car.  Thanks,  Lisa  -- Reply 05/05/2005 (Ref:1104)

A: Cats off vehiclesI heard that putting a rubber snake on the car will stop them. -- Nicole Bellini...Nov 9 2007

Q: Nail Polish Stain  How can I remove nail polish from a 100% cotton blouse? -- Reply 07/05/2005 (Ref:1105)

Q: Nail Polish:  How do you remove nail polish stains from clothing? -- Reply 02/05/2005  (Ref:1123)

Q: dissolving Hot glue. Do you know of something that will dissolve hot glue from a plastic bead without harming the bead. thanks; --  Reply  08/05/2005(Ref:1120)

Q: Stained Drinking Glasses   How can I get rid of the problem????  -- Reply 10/05/2005 (Ref:1122)

Q: Hair Product Stains.  Hi, I cannot wear light cotton shirts anymore because I keep  ending up with scattered, light brownish-gray stains on the shirts. The  pattern of the stains suggests that the hair products I use may be  causing the problem. I've tried everything and can't get the stains  out. Any ideas on how to remove the stains or which hair care products  won't cause stains?  Thanks! Jennifer Henson  Reply May 11 2005 (Ref:1118)

Q: Smoke Smell. How do I get the smell of smoke out of a leather couch.  ROBERT LUCEY  Reply May 14 2005 (Ref:1119)

Q: how to get rid of musty smell.  I bought a dresser in good shape at a yard sale but discovered that the drawers have a musty smell and it affects the clothes in the drawers. Reply  18/05/2005 (Ref:1131)

Q: Hair Spray on Walls.  No matter how carefully I am, when I sprayed my hair with hair spray in collects on my wall. How can I clean the hair spray off the wall without ruining the paint.  Beverly "It's all in the socks!"  Beverly Gulbranson  Reply 19/05/2005 (Ref:1132)

A: Hair Spray remover. Baby wipes !!!!! yes thats what i said, it works for me every time! -- Darleen Reply  30/10/2005

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