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Q: Airbrush Tanning  Hi, How do I get the Airbrush tanning stain off my skin. I used the product I don't like how it turned out. My only option right now is to let it wear off. If I do that it would take 7 days. Do I have any other options. Thanks  -- Kathy Reply (Ref:1133-0505)

Q: Chap Stick Liquid on Auto Seats. It was 140 Degrees in my car and I opened the chapstick. It had melted and It spilled on my seats. How do I get the stain out. It is a new car and I am very upset. Please help Thanks, -- Mick  Reply 21/05/2005 (Ref:1134)

Q: Marker  We have sharpie on our dining room table and I am freaking out. Please pass on any help!!! Karen  Reply 21/05/2005  (Ref:1135)

Q: Transfers Stain  Hi I iron on some transfers and it burn some of the plastic I need some advice on taking it off or fixing it. Thank you, -- Trica  Reply 23/05/2005 (Ref:1136)

Q: permanent blue ink from clothing  How do I remove permanent blue ink from clothing? I have been spraying with hairspray and blotting, but it just keeps coming up ... it just does not disappear.  Reply  23/05/2005 (Ref:1150)

Q:  Hi  what would happen if we dry out the leather that has been saturated in a saltwater according to its chemical properties. Thanx   Reply 25/05/2005(Ref:1142)

 Q: UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply.  Thank-you for the advice on your webpages (www.hints-n-tips ) regards building a ups for home use they are very informative. Can I please ask you a question? Can I run fluorescent lights on a UPS. I have heard from a number of people that this is not recommended. Thanking you in advance Mr David Hart UK Manchester Reply 30 May 2005  (Ref:1137)

A: UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Circuits and a Pure Fluorescent Load  

The question has been asked by one of your readers whether a UPS can support a pure fluorescent lamp load. The answer is yes and no. It depends on the circuitry of your UPS. As most of them are rather inexpensive and every corner has been cut, then on smaller units it is safe to assume the "ballast" load has been removed. On larger units a 15 to 75 Watt Hour ballast is often considered insignificant. In either case plug two 7.5 watt incandescent night lights into the circuit. This is usually enough to give the UPS the impression it is supporting a traditional resistive load of motors, incandescent lights and power transformers. This is not the traditional solution but it will approximate that preferred solution sufficiently that you may consider 15 watts of incandescent load for every 1000 Watts of fluorescent load... But don't try to run an entire building on this formula. I'd say 5 kW is the maximum practical with this scheme.

The problem: How fluorescent loads initiate when power is applied. There is no point in going into all the gory details but a pure fluorescent load, that being several different kinds of fluorescent fixtures or all being of the same kind, send noise and Back EMF. These signals sent from the ballasts, starters and the lamps as they initiate can confuse the UPS circuits giving the impression that there is an infinite load. This can result in either a breaker flipping the load out of circuit or blowing a fuse accomplishing the same result. The latter is the most likely. On certain very inexpensive UPS units, the circuitry of the UPS will simply give up the ghost. The resistive loads will take the power from the UPS and also take the power from the noise and Back EMF from the fluorescent lamps thus stabilizing the load on the UPS. -- Bill McCaslin Comment

Happy Thoughts, 

Q: Ballpoint Pen Ink Stain. I am trying to get ballpoint pen ink stain out of two polyester soccer jerseys that belong to my son. I have used hair spray, Chlorex for coloured clothing, and oxi clean. Most of the ink is out. Just a few spots on each jersey remains. Do you have any other suggestions that might get the rest of the stain out? Thanks,  Peggy Kitchen  Reply 7/6/2005  (Ref:1126)

Q: SMOKE ODOR  I recently burnt a small steak that I was reheating on the stove and went off and left it.  I returned to a smoke filled kitchen.  Now I've been trying to get the smell out of the house for days.  The pan was a Teflon coated pan too.  Any suggestions.  Help.  Thanks,  "Winnie Crews" Reply 7/6/2005 (Ref:1127)

Q: Need information for the Removal of Nicotine Stain in a Bed Spread 
We have a hand made bed spread which is about 70 years old and my son was a smoker and the nicotine stained part of that and is to me an heirloom which was given to him in 1936  and would very much be able to use it in the future. Thank you  Max Eckert Reply 8/6/2005  Max and Mare Eckert  (Ref:1125)

 Q: How to Remove Pen Ink  I burst a pen on the inside of my boyfriends car and it got ALL over my jeans and the seats in his car (he was going to be selling it the next week too). using lemons can cost you a bit depending on how many you need to buy for the spot. the cheaper and best way and a pump hairspray (i used suave) just spay a good amount on let it sit for about 15 seconds then start to wipe off. you do need to spray then wipe then spray then wipe, but that is because it got into the foam of his seat, but on clothes just once or so should do it, but remember to fully wash it after or else it the fabric will be sticky.  Brittany Gazerro Reply  8/6/2005 (Ref:1128) 

A: Ball Point Pen Removal 
Try using aerosol hair spray applied directly to the stain. ( I usually isolate the stain with an old cloth) spray it, leave it overnite and launder as normal. Good Luck! The cheaper the hairspray the better. Reply 21/07/2005

Q: Coloured Printer Ink Removal   I can't get printer colored ink off my hands can you help? Ginny  virginia oblander Reply 9/6/2005 (Ref:1129)

Q: Nit Nurse?. My 12 year old daughter has come home after being told by her teacher that there has been an outbreak of head lice in her school, Don't schools these days have a nit nurse and in-school treatment or issue shampoo treatment? - Jane Goody Reply  3rd July 2005 (Ref:1124)

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