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Q: Fear of Flying. I am afraid of flying is there a resource that can help me travel around the world without resorting to air transport? --  Reply 7/7/2005 

A: Fear of Flying. This site may be of interest to you Seat 61 Regards, Graham P. Wimbledon Surrey England Comment

A: Fear of Flying.  Therapy to cure phobias is usually very effective - I paid $200 and a single session cured me fully. - A Hussain Colton California 18/7/2005

Q: Aluminium poisoning  My name is chad bowring and i live in South Africa. im currently undergoing chelation therapy, for heavy metal poisoning, by a revolutionary company called Solal Technologies--im not sure if you are familiar with them--and i would like to know what the food stuffs are that contain any heavy metals. appreciated,  Chad Bowring Reply 16/07/2005

Q: Bra Fitting.  Where can I find information on Bra fitting. You used to have an advert for such a service on your website.  -- Marguerita Parton Dysart Scotland 18/7/2005

A: Go to Bra Fitting Advice at Bare Necessities Regards -- Ed

Q: Remove Nail Polish from Cotton T-shirt  Hi, My daughter got a hold of the dark nail polish and 2 drops got on her brand new cotton t-shirt, It's a pastel stripe. I already tried nail polish remover, but don't know if I did it correctly, the stain remains. Have any ideas?  Thank-you, Lisa Dunn  Reply 09/07/2005  (Ref:1138)

Q: Scratchy, Stiff Sheets  Did anyone ever find any answers to this dilemma? I suffer with the same problem, paid good money for sheets and they won't soften up even after 4-5 washes!! I didn't save my receipt so I'm stuck with them. Help, if you can.  Thanks,  Diana in Arizona  Reply  21/07/2005 

Q: Cleaning my Iron  How do i clean residue on my iron -- Anita Hunt Reply  30/07/2005 (Ref:1145) Q: Tea, Shelf Life. How long can I keep loose tea, I was given a present of some Darjeeling tea brought back from India last year, should I keep it in the freezer?? Gloria Reply 11/08/05 (Ref:1157)

Q: Cleaning Wood.  Hi, I am looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to clean my oak cabinets before I polish them. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you --  Tami  Reply 11/08/2005

Q: Scratchy sheets... Did anyone ever find out how to soften those sheets? Please let me know if you discovered the secret! Thank you, -- Arthur Reply 19/08/2005

Q: Nail Glue on silk.  I have spilled nail glue on a silk top and tryed milk but it didn't come out  please help i love this top thank you -- Reply  28/09/2005 (Ref:1175)

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