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Q: Where can i buy Stain Devil ? I live in Salt Lake City Utah thanks -- Reply  20/09/2005 (Ref:1165)

Q: Oil Stain on Porch. A raccoon or possum turned a fry daddy full of hot fish cooking oil on our cement porch and stained it. It looks terrible. Did you ever get an answer that worked? Would anyone share with me what you did that did work, if anything? and maybe what NOT to try? Thanks. -Andy Morse Reply 10/10/2005(Ref:1158)

Q: Recharging Alkaline Batteries. How can I recharge the ordinary alkaline batteries, and how many times can I do it? Where did the expression "Long in the Tooth" come from. My Nan says that the horse's teeth grow with age. -- Reply  10/10/2005 (Ref:1159)

A: Recharging Alkaline Batteries. It is necessary to charge Alkaline batteries to a voltage rather than current. A source of 1.65 volts through a limiting resistor of 50 to 200 ohms depending on size of battery will do it. The ordinary Duracell type batteries can take five to ten recharges before they are less effective than Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride type -- Dave Neemann Dubai UAE 

Q: Cleaning Rubber Flip Flops I need help with cleaning rubber flip flops. Any suggestions? -- Reply 15 Oct 2005 (Ref:117)

Q: Aluminum and Vaccines  Hello,  My daughter had a tetanus booster in January and developed severe continuing headaches starting in February. I believe it is a reaction to the tetanus vaccine. I have researched the vaccine and found it contained aluminum phosphate. We have seen two neurologist and many alternative treatment providers. I read that chelation therapy should not be done on children. -- rmb2596 Reply  19/10/2005 (Ref:1172)

A: Hi, I too have had an onset of severe headaches that started after a series of innoculations, my doctor was dismissive and was adamant that the headaches and other symptoms could not have been caused by the injections. In future I will have them spread out over a period of time, hopefully my body will cope better that way -- Rony Williams 19/11/2006 Comment

Q: Scratchy, Stiff Sheets  Did anyone ever find any answers to this dilemma? I suffer with the same problem, paid good money for sheets and they won't soften up even after 4-5 washes!! I didn't save my receipt so I'm stuck with them. Help, if you can.  Thanks,  Diana in Arizona  Reply  21/10/200

Q: Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Hi! I had got your ref from site & came to know that you are interested in the solid form of Toilet bowl cleaner. We have some information regarding it & we too are working on the color problem in this product. This product mainly contains Sodium Bisulfate & other oil like pine oil or kerosene. If you too working on the same, we would like to know from you whether color plays any role in the disintegration of that solid bowl cleaner in contact with water? waiting for some valuable information Best Regards -- Reply   Abhijit / Anagha Application Technologist Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. India 26/10/2005  (Ref:1185)

Q: Tobacco or Nicotine Stains. How do you remove nicotine stains from washable clothing? -- Reply 06/11/2005 (Ref:1164)

Q: Avoiding Aluminium  Hello there, I have read some of your info on the net regarding aluminium and I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic myofascial pain some of the info I have read advises avoiding aluminium I would like a list of products that contain aluminium and any further info you have that may help my condition. What is the safe level of aluminium ? Or is there any at all? Also I live in UK, Many thanks. Jan McNally Reply 07/11/2005 (Ref:1162)

Q: Smoke Clothing.  My daughter had a small fire in the house and we are trying to clean the clothes. We tried soda in the wash but it still took 5 washes to get it out. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you,  -- Jan  Reply 16/12/2005 Max and Jan Terman (Ref:1167)

Q: Getting Rid of Smoke Smell from Mattress. Recently inherited a box spring and mattress from relative (almost new). They did not use the mattress and box spring; however, it was in their home and they were heavy smokers. I am looking for a way to rid them of the smoke smell. Thanks. -- Betty Respess  Reply Jan 4 2006 (Ref:1166)

Q: Foggy Build up in Glasses. How can I remove the foggy build up that is on glasses? It seems the build up is happening in the dishwasher and we live in SW Florida. It's not the softest water around. The glasses were part of the furnishings in the condo we bought so I don't know how often they have been washed. --  Reply  Jan 9 2006  (Ref:1178)

Q: Musty Smell in Mattress. Good morning, Could you tell me how to get the musty smell out of a set of mattress/boxsprings? I bought a cottage and the bed was included with the sale. There isn't anything wrong with it other than the musty odor. Thank you, -- Rosey Boerio  Reply   Jan 9 2006 (Ref:1179)

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