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Q: Sqeaky Trainers. Do you have a remedy for the sqeaky trainers? -- Pamela H Reply Apr 18 2006 (Ref:1195)

Q: How can I get rid of ferric chloride stains, I make printed circuit boards and get these unsightly stains on my hands -- frederic Santie Reply April 2006

A:- Stains:- If you use ferric chloride and are concerned about skin stains, fear not, lemon juice will make it disappear -- Like magic!! -- Adam Waldron April 2006

Q: Epson Salt on lawns : Can Epson green a whole lawn? If so, how much Epson do I add per gallon of water? Thank you for your help! -- Gail  Reply April 12 2006 (Ref:1189)

Q: Getting Vegetable Oil Out of Towels Hi!  I was googling around the internet trying to see if I could find a remedy for a problem that I have.  My 15 year old son accidentally spilled vegetable oil that I had in a fry daddy in my kitchen floor.  The first thing he grabbed to clean the mess up were some of our towels.  I have washed these towels 4 times, 1 time soaked for about 20 minutes or so, added bleach once & the smell still will not come out.  I have no idea if there is a remedy for getting the smell out of my towels or not but I'm trying to avoid having to buy new ones.  Can you help or have any ideas?? Thank you, Gerri Meadows -- Reply 17 Jun 2006 (Ref:1191)

Q: How to Clean a Watch Strap? I have a watch I had been wearing for a few months. The plastic watch strap used to be translucent, but it's now yellow. What can I use to make the discoloration go away? -- Lai Hau Choi Reply 17 Jul 2006  (Ref:1188)

Q: lint in new towels : What is the best and fastest method to get lint out of new towels. I have washed them 4 times and they continue to leave lost of lint. Thanks, -- Grace White  Reply Mar 15 2006 (Ref:1198)

Q: Oil Stains : I have baby oil stains on a 100% polyester dress. How do I get it out? Thanks, -- jackson.phyllis Reply Mar 23 2006 (Ref:1197)

Q: Hostile Rotweiler. How can I discourage my Rottweiler puppy from aggressive behaviour? We have always shown love and affection to him, however he is hostile to strangers especially young boys. I am afraid that one day he will actually attack someone.-- relyonus Reply 2006 (Ref:1199)

Q: Under arm Yellow stains on White Tee Shirts. I would love to find out how to get rid of the ugly yellow stains that are on the underarms of my white tee shirts. I'm really tired of throwing them out and buying new one. -- Reply. May 15 2006 (Ref:1200)

Q: Getting Stains out of T-shirt Underarms. Buy a product called Iron Out or something similar and follow directions. This is a popular product in northern Wisconsin and Michigan because of the iron content in the water. I used it to protect the whites when we bought a cabin in that area – and l and behold, it took cleaned those t-shirts right up. -- Bill Bradford. 18/12/07

Q: Chewing Gum in Clothes Dryer. Hi, Do you have any idea how to get the gum out of my clothes dryer? (I usually always check pockets.......the one time I didn't, my son had a whole pack of gum in his pockets & it's now all OVER the dryer!!!!!!!!!!) I would appreciate any advice. I scrubbed for nearly an hour last night.......was too exhausted to finish...........any ideas? Thanks, Jeanett Beach, Reply May 16 2006 (Ref:1203)

Q: Smoke Smell. How do i get the smoke smell out of clothes after a house fire? -- Reply May 18 2006 (Ref:1204)

Q: Removing Ball Point Ink from dinning room upholstery chair. I saw a suggestion on your site where you suggested removing ink by using hair spray and rubbing with a clean cloth. Is there a hair spray product that seems to work better than others? Do you rub immediately after spraying the area? Also, does the clean cloth you rub with need to be dry or damp? Thanks so much for your advise! -- Ethel dalton' Reply May 18 2006 (Ref:1205)

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