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Q: Shower Tray Stain. Our shower is 22 years old, and it has brown stains on the shower pan. I think I have tried everything to remove this unsightly problem. I have even tried carbuerator cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, etc.. Please help~~~~~ Joanne Fitzpatrick. Reply Jan 15 2007 (Ref:1323)

A: Shower Stains. You have to use a rag soaked in vinigar and keep resoaking it before it drys, my whole cast iron tub had this problem took me 3 weeks ,6 towels and 4 gallons of vinegar but i now have a beautiful white tub. patience is the key . jj -- Wilma Hassey Jul 12 2007

Q: Ink Stain. How do you get rid of ink stains on a sweatshirt? - Dolly Jacobs Reply. Jan 16 2007 (Ref:1324)

Q: Pen Ink Stain . How do you get a uniball pen ink stain out of a shirt? -- 'D Bradfute Reply. Jan 18 2007 (Ref:1325)

Q: Removing Nicotine Stains. I have 5 hand made quilts that were stored in a room where smoking was allowed. They were not in sealed bags, so all of the exposed edges are yellow with nicotine. I have not found anything to take the stains out. If you get any suggestions, please pass them on to me. Thanks Joyce strom -- Reply Jan 23 2007 (Ref:1327)

A: Quilts. If you use a heavy solution of oxyclean powder in a tub full of warm water with the oxyclean stirred in well, let soak overnight, rinse and wash as usual. jj -- 'Wilma Hassey. . Jul 12 2007

Q: Yellow under Arm Stains. what product can I purchase to eliminate this problem from my white t-shirts. any solutions or advice will help. wanda shumate -- Robert Shumate. Reply. Jan 24 2007 (Ref:1328)

Q: Stain from Wooden Clothes Dryer. I have a light pink, cotton sweater that was stained when draped over a wooden laundry rack. The wide, brown stain is clear across the chest. How can this be removed? -- Susan Bloomfield. Reply. Feb 1 2007 (Ref:1338)

Q: Water Stains in Mirror. Hi there, I have a mirror that is rather old and it has stuff on it that looks like water stains. Any suggestions on getting out any type of stains on this heirloom? Thanks in advance. -- Judy Moore -- Reply. Jan 27 2007 (Ref:1329)

Q: Kerosene Oil Spill in Garage. How can I get rid of the kerosene oil spill smell in garage? I tried soaking it up with sand but the smell is still there. -- Donald L. Eldridge Reply. Feb 8 2007 (Ref:1239)

Q: Nail Polish on Clothing . Hi, I spilled a few drops of nail polish on my jogging suit. How do you remove it from clothing? Thanks, --Carol KounitzReply. Feb 11 2007 (Ref:1238)


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