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Smelly Silk Fabric

Smelly Silk Fabric. I need some help. I just bought a dress that's made of natural rough Chinese silk, and when I washed it the dress smells of raw silk. How can I get it out of this lovely dress without ruining the fabric? -- G Pavolier Reply (Ref:0274)

Answer #1: Have you tried Febreeze? -- Judy Burton Comment   

Answer #2: I had the same problem. I washed the suit in cold water and then put a cup of lemon juice in the rinse water. There is now no smell on the suit. I am not yet sure if I will have to repeat the treatment the next time I launder the suit.

Answer #3: If you are using fabric deodorants it is prudent to wait until the spray has dried completely before wearing the garment or using the fabric object, especially pet pillows, as some of these sprays are a bit toxic and have been known to cause illnesses in pets. We have even had a reader say that a friend had lost an expensive parrot through using such a spray. www.qznaz.com






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