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Music Case - Mildew Smell

Q: Smelly Musical Instrument Case My son recently purchased a used musical instrument which is in great shape, but the case smells of mildew. The interior of the case is thickly padded. Is there any way I can safely deodorize it? Thanks so much! -- F Scott Reply  (Ref:0110)  

Answer #1: Musty Instrument cases: Damp Rid is wonderful for removing must. Damp Rid is designed to be used in the container it comes in, but this may be too big for the instrument case--you may have to improvise. Once you've shut the Damp Rid in the case, you should probably leave it there undisturbed for several weeks. If you open the case to take a peek to see how it's working, you will allow the case to fill back up with humid air & the Damp Rid will have to pull all of that new moisture out of the air. Be careful not to bump the case--as the Damp Rid absorbs moisture out of the air, it dissolves, leaving an orange liquid in the container -- Jeanne Comment

Answer #2: Brass Instruments have water condensing in them during playing, this needs to be gotten rid of before you put them away. Simply leaving the case open will allow the case to fully dry out but there will still be a slight smell. Febreeze or something similar can help get rid of the smell. -- Casey Echol Comment






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