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Stains on Leather

Q: Stains on Leather. I have a question about my leather couch and chair which is a fairly light tan color. It has two red wine stains and I have had them professionally cleaned and could not remove the stains. First, do you have any ideas? The idea I had was to stain or dye them a darker color. Do you know if this can be done or do you have any other suggestions. Thank you -- John L. Pemberton Reply (Ref:0201)  19 Mar 1999 (Ref:0139)

Answer #1: It is quite difficult to dye leather, suede is much easier, I don't recommend doing that, has anyone else got any suggestions? -- Ed 

Answer#2: Ink stains on Leather. We use Premium Leather Care-"Ink and Stain remover." A product distributed by Stainsafe Companies, Riviera Beach, Fl. 33404. Try to find it at at good leather store or contact Riviera. It works great. jcoburn3 Comment

Q: Get Paint out of Leather  I got yellow paint on my brown leather couches, is there anyway to clean that off?  -- B Wolling Reply  (Ref:0140)

Q: Cleaning Leather  Our cream leather suite has been stained by dye from new black trousers, which seems to have rubbed onto the seat cushion. Normal leather cleaning solutions are not working. Does anyone have experience of this problem and can suggest a remedy? Is the dye-remover solution you can use in washing machines to remove dye from whites that have been mixed up with a strong color safe to use on leather? Extremely grateful for any help! -- "J Stanton" Reply (Ref:0364)

 A: Try use Premium Leather Care-"Ink and Stain remover" by Stainsafe Companies, Riviera Beach, Fl. 33404. Buy direct if you have to Comment


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